Table No. : Health Professional Education Programme information


Table No. : Health Professional Education Programme information

Please note: Fill in an individual table for each programme

- kindly rename the file in following format:

IDFRCDE__name of organisation_country_name_table number,

(for example: IDFRCDE_IDF_ Belgium_table_2)

Name of programme:

Date of programme first offered:

Aims & Objectives of programme:

Academic Partnership: Name and key role of partner

(such as collaborative agreements with International Societies/Federation or Expert organisations for dual credit & recognition)

Source of funding ☐ Public ___ %

☐ Private ___ %

☐ Grants ___ %

☐ Public, Private Partnerships (PPP) ___ %

☐ Sponsorship by industry.

☐ Restricted ___ %

☐ Unrestricted ___ %

(industry does not influence content of

programme or choice of speakers used for

education programme)

☐ Other sources of income ___ %

Briefly explain how the programme exemplifies the mission of the institution:

Advisory Committee: (If yes, please describe their role)

Yes ☐ No ☐


Strength of Programme staff: (Members involved in day to day activities)

Course Description:

Language of Instruction:

Course entrance criteria (minimum qualification & experience required to enroll in programme):

Date programme started & concluded

Start: Click here to enter a date.

End: Click here to enter a date.

Length of programme (Number of days) and frequency

Number of Faculty

Faculty Qualification & Experience

Identify which disciplines registered, attended & successfully completed the programme:

[*Disciplines - nurse (RN), dietitian/nutritionist (RD), general practitioner (GP), specialist physician (M.D.), master of

surgery (M.S.), Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (OB/GYN)]

Please specify Others:

Disciplines* Registered









Attended Completed


Mode of Delivery:

Classroom or Instructor-Led Training ☐

Regional Center ☐

Online or E-learning ☐

Hands on training ☐

Blended program ☐

Other ☐

Please specify if other:

Curricula & Learning outcomes: (The programme has a modern, up-to-date curricula using progressive teaching methodology)

Are people with diabetes involved in the programme? (If yes, please explain):

Yes ☐ No ☐

How often are the programme contents and delivery methods reviewed and or revised?

(Please include the specific and general evaluation.)

Program Facility, Equipment, and Integration of Technology:

(Describe how the programme uses their facility, instructional equipment, and software integration to enhance teaching and learning)

What is required to achieve a pass mark for the programme?

What process is in place to ensure the quality of the marking process?

Qualification gained on successful completion of programme: Stand-alone credit ☐

Certificate ☐

Diploma ☐

Degree ☐

Certificate of completion / attendance (no academic qualification awarded) ☐

☐ Other please specify:


What is the process for those students who do not succeed?

Accreditation of the programme:

Regional ☐

National ☐

International ☐

Other ☐

Please specify:

Awards and Recognition: (The programme has received any awards from outside agencies or organizations recognizing programme excellence.)

Regional ☐

National ☐

International ☐

Other ☐

Please specify:

Key findings of impact evaluation of programme, if conducted:

Programme Web link


Quality assurance and evaluation mechanism of the education programmes:


Describe the current quality assurance process in place for the programme:


State evidence of previous years evaluation undertaken along with plan of action to address identified areas of concerns:


Role of Advisory Committee in evaluation mechanism: