English Scheme of
Work: The World
Around Us
Waste Management; Litter, Re-cycling and
“Part of the beauty of any country is born from its people. If
the people look after their country, the country will look after its
Sarah Bell
Litter is a problem in many countries where people are not
looking after their country in an appropriate way. When people throw
away rubbish in the street it becomes litter. The more people throw
away rubbish out in the open the more litter will build up in the
country. If there is rubbish in the cities and in the countryside it is
not only unsightly but it can be dangerous.
When litter lies outside it can build up bacteria which can
spread diseases to humans. Also animals can suffer from litter such as
plastic rings from can holders that can strangle birds. Turtles have
been known to lose limbs through old can rings and other litter in the
The Abu Dhabi Environment Agency produced guidelines for all
people so that they can learn to look after their country;
1) In your own words explain what the quotation from Sarah Bell
means to you.
2) Look at the list of recommendations from the Environment agency
and decide which ones you, your friends and your family could
start to use. Explain which recommendations you would start to
use and how you would make changes to your life to help the
3) Create a poster that encourages people to be environmentally
Abu Dhabi Environment Agency Waste Recommendations
1. Proper maintenance reduces waste. Maintain and repair products and keep
appliances in good working order.
2. Did you just spot a litter bug? Let them know nicely to keep your city
3. Leave messages for family members or colleagues on a reusable message
board. Don’t always rely on post-its!
4. Join your community’s clean-up campaigns.
5. Train your office staff to use the photocopier and printer properly so
that paper is not wasted.
6. Always donate your old useful stuff (clothes,
furniture, dishes, books, sports equipment, magazines,
appliances, and electronics, computers, etc).
7. Reuse your bags.
8. Stop the junk mail overload.
9. Avoid products with an excessive packaging.
10. Use old newspapers as stuffing for shipping.
11. Use mugs rather than Styrofoam cups.
12. Switch to using the "greenest" paper available.
13. Use e-mail wherever possible and avoid paper.
14. Reduce the number of newspapers delivered to your home or workplace.
Read the newspaper online.
15. Switch from disposable to reusable products: food and beverage
containers, cups, plates, writing pens, razors, towels, shopping bags, etc.
16. Direct your recyclable garbage items (plastics, papers..etc) to any
recycling facility wherever possible.
17. If you print documents, print on once-used paper and/or bleach-free,
recycled paper with the highest post-consumer waste content available.
18. Create and use note pads from once-used paper.
There are many things we can do to help preserve our countryside. We are
fortunate to live in the beautiful oasis of Al Ain, and we must learn to be
responsible for the land in which we live. We are going to discuss ways in
which we can all help to be responsible environmentalists.
Things we can do to help our environment in Al Ain
No Littering (Throwing rubbish outside)
Conserve water.
Recycle at Home.
Recycle at school.
Reduce car journeys.
Use ecologically friendly cleaners.
1) Use at least two of the suggestions to explain how you and your
friends can help to keep our country Healthy. Write two or three
paragraphs after the Introduction and then write a conclusion.
Write your own starter sentences or use the ones below in your
exercise books.
We should all help to keep our country clean and healthy. I have
decided that I will help to do this by working hard to do the following.
First of all I will ………….
Then I will………………
I believe this will help the environment because……………..
2) Create a poster to help people to look after our country.