MS-Word document - Stephen Tarling

A meeting of the Planning and Transport Committee was held at the Jubilee Field
Pavilion, Station Road, Sway on Thursday 12 September 2013.
Present : Councillors Stephen Tarling (Chair), Kevin Cripps, Peter Dance, Ted Fleat
(substituting for Kevin Langford) and Carole Gates.
In attendance: David Golby (substituting for Neil Gulliver) and John Warden (Transport
Representative) together with 6 members of the public.
PT135/13 Apologies
Neil Gulliver (Parish Clerk)
Kathy Gulliver (Tree Representative)
PT136/13 Declarations of Interest
PT137/13 Minutes of the Meeting held on the 8 August 2013 and Matters Arising
(1) Minutes
Under Minute PT124/13, the Chair pointed out that the words ‘Ted Fleat declared a personal
interest as a neighbour’ should be included in the paragraph relating to App No. 13/98530 –
Kerri Cottage, Barrows Lane, Sway. The amendment was agreed unanimously.
The minutes of the meeting held on the 8 August 2013 were approved as amended and
signed by the Chair.
The Chairman reminded the meeting under minute PT122/13 that the full Parish Council
approved moving ahead with a proposed Housing Needs Survey which will be funded by the
NFNPA and co-ordinated by HARAH. Any further comments on the format and content of
the draft survey should be forwarded to the Clerk by 15th September.
PT138/13 Outcome of Planning Applications Considered at Previous Meetings
In noting the Clerk’s report the Chairman commented that the application in respect of
Kettlethorns House, Adlams Lane had been granted, whereas the application concerning
landscaping at the Land of High Forest, Manchester Road had been refused. He further
added that a further application relating to the Land of High Forest had now been submitted
and would be discussed at the October meeting.
It was also noted that applications 13/98841 and 13/98778 concerning Sway Railway
Station, in respect platform repair and drainage works had been submitted to the NFNPA.
These are for legal approval and not the subject of consultation with a Parish Council.
PT139/13 Trees
Preservation Orders (TPO)
Applications for Work under Tree Preservation Orders
TPO/13/0543 – Yew Tree Cottage, St James Road, Sway
The Committee noted that this application had already been approved by the NFNPA. Cllr
Cripps reported to the meeting that our Tree Representative had visited the site and
supported the proposal. It was further noted that that our normal request to replant
replacement trees was not appropriate in this instance due to existing tree density.
TPO/13/0638 – Peppercorn Cottage, Durnstown, Sway
The Committee agreed unanimously to support this modest and sensible felling of two minor
and crowded trees and the judicial pruning of an oak.
PT140/13 New Planning Applications
App No. 13/98731 – 3 Stanford Rise, Sway
Two storey side extension.
The Applicant attended the meeting a made a short presentation to the committee. The
committee welcomed the fact that he had spoken to 10 out of 12 neighbours none of whom
have objected. After discussion it was unanimously agreed to support option 3 –“We
recommend permission, for the reasons listed below.”
The proposed extension is relatively modest in scale and should be relatively easy to
match existing materials.
The two small windows on the side elevation are not obtrusive, will not directly
overlook neighbours and will soften an otherwise stark wall.
The hedge will be retained if at all possible.
Drainage will need to be checked.
App No. 13/98727 – Highbury, Brighton Road, Sway
Single storey front extension.
After discussion it was unanimously agreed to support option 3 –“We recommend
permission, for the reasons listed below.”
The house is well set back from the road and the proposal is a very modest addition
of a porch & cloakroom.
Providing matching materials are used it would add to the character of the house and
not impact on the local amenity.
App No. 13/98755 – Treetops, The Close, Sway
Single storey extension.
The committee unanimously agreed to support option 3 –“We recommend permission, for
the reasons listed below.”
The proposal is quite modest in its scope and area.
Providing matching materials are used it would maintain the character of the house.
Provision of adequate drainage will need to be checked.
App No. 13/98756 – Kestrel Cottage, Shirley Holms, Sway
Single storey rear and side extensions; front porch; decking.
After lengthy discussion the committee agreed to support option 5 – “We are happy to
accept the decision reached by the National Park Authority’s Officers under their delegated
powers”. It was felt that the extension was modest in scale and well screened from the road.
It was however felt that the roof line was awkward in design and might be improved.
App No. 13/98795 – Oaklands, Mount Pleasant Lane, Sway
Single storey extension; rear dormer window; outbuilding.
After discussion the committee agreed to support option 5 – “We are happy to accept the
decision reached by the National Park Authority’s Officers under their delegated powers”.
Whilst the proposed extension cannot be seen from the highway the committee were
perplexed by the changes, without the explanation of a design statement, compared to a
previous application 10/95611 which was granted despite appearing to exceed 30%
extension limit. Concerns were expressed over the use and size of the outbuilding together
with the mish-mash of styles and roofing elements.
App No. 13/98745 – Makaira, Mead End Road, Sway
Two storey side extension; entrance porch; roof alterations including solar panels; revised
fenestration (revision to 12/98065).
After discussion the committee agreed to support option 5 – “We are happy to accept the
decision reached by the National Park Authority’s Officers under their delegated powers”.
Whilst the committee had previously supported option 1 for the original application it felt
unable to reiterate this position as they were dismayed at several aspects of the application
including a further increase in the ridge height. The committee’s previous comments stand:
Concerns that the proposed extension would be close to the boundary with the
neighbouring property.
Concerns over the ridge height of the proposed extension although it was noted that
the applicants would be willing to use obscured glazing.
Action: The Clerk to convey the above responses to the Planners of the New Forest
National Park Authority.
PT141/13 Planning Inspectorate Appeals
PT142/13 Planning Enforcement
In noting the Clerk’s report, the Chair pointed out that, despite 2 cases being closed 2 have
been added, so there were still eleven investigations relating to Sway.
PT143/13 NFNPA Planning Development Control Committee
As Chairman of the Sway Social Club Peter Dance declared a personal interest in the
discussion of The Silver Hind.
It was noted that the application concerning application 12/97636 the Silver Hind; where the
committee had previously resolved to support Option 1 – “The Parish Council recommends
permission but would accept the decision reached by the NFNPA’s Officers under their
delegated powers”. This application had been referred to the to the NFNPA’s PDC
Committee by the officer. The Officer’s report was discussed in detail and it was resolved
unanimously not to send a representative to speak to this item. It was further resolved to
reiterate that “Sway Parish Council previously (twice) opted for a 1. We support such a
business in Sway (partly replacing the Forest Heath Hotel). Please note our minor concerns
over the parking problems, and the decking, outside use and concomitant disruption to the
amenity of a neighbour. We strongly support the officer’s recommendation. This latest
amendment also involves technical details of a flue chimney, and we do not have the
expertise to comment on that.”
Action: In absence of the Clerk, and given the tight timetable, the Chair to convey the
above response to the Planners of the New Forest National Park Authority.
PT144/13 Other Planning Issues
The Chairman informed the meeting that the Officers at the NFNPA had formally written to
the Parish Clerk and to other interested members of the community to confirm their decision
to issue a Certificate of Lawful Development for the Proposed demolition of all buildings on
the site of The Old School House. This decision was noted.
PT145/13 Reviewing New or Amended Policies from External Bodies such as the
It was noted that new NFNPA Local Enforcement Plan to which we made a number of
recommendations, has now been adopted. Many of our recommendations have been
It was also noted that both the NFNPA Landscape Action Plan and the NFNPA Sway
Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) have now been approved after consultation. We
made a substantial number of suggestions particularly on the Sway LCA. There has been a
really thorough response to this consultation with a full summary of every comment and all
the corresponding replies and amendments.
The chairman reported that both Boldre’s and Sway’s Village Design Statements will come
before the full NFNPA meeting on 26 September 2013 for their approval and adoption as
Supplementary Planning Documents.
The Chairman also informed the meeting that the NFNPA had produced a draft response to
the government’s proposal concerning “Greater flexibilities for change of use” to planning
laws in England, including all of the National Parks. This will be of particular significance and
potential impact within the New Forest. As the deadline for responses is 15th October which
is shortly after our October meeting the Chairman has asked for all comments, changes and
proposals be sent to the Parish Clerk by 30th September so that he can collect, collate and
produce a final draft for our approval at the 10th October meeting.
PT146/13 Report by the Parish Council’s Transport Representative
John Warden reported that use of the CANGO service was broadly the same with 57/58
users against a target of 60. It was noted that the bus shelter has still not been installed and
that significant rubbish and rubble needs to be cleared from around the newly constructed
concrete base.
Alan Cracknell from FOSS reported on the meetings he had held with Network Rail,
Southwest Trains and their contractors concerning the proposed Station Works reported
above. He was able to persuade them to modify their “schedule of works” to reduce
nighttime working, potentially shorten their schedule and also use acoustic shielding in an
attempt to reduce noise. It is hoped that the contractors will be able to take up an invitation
to attend the October PaTC meeting and provide us with an update on their plans.
Alan further reported that FOSS were holding discussions with Southwest Trains to see if the
planters could be incorporated into the platform design as a result of the works being
undertaken. They may need to seek additional funding for this from the Parish Council. The
Chair reminded the meeting that any funding requests in excess of £200 would need to
submitted to the full Parish Council for consideration.
PT147/13 Roads, Hedges and Ditches
The Chairman circulated a schedule of current highways issues prepared by the Clerk. This
report together with updates from the Clerk will be discussed at the next committee meeting
in October.
Concern was expressed by Cllr Cripps concerning the lack of progress on the initiative of
sharing a speed camera with other Parish Councils. The Clerk will be asked to provide an
update for the next meeting.
PT148/13 Correspondence and Any Other Business
PT149/13 Dates of Future Meetings.
The following dates were noted:Thursday
10th October 2013
Jubilee Field Pavilion
14th November 2013
Jubilee Field Pavilion
12th December 2013
Jubilee Field Pavilion
9th January 2014
Jubilee Field Pavilion
13th February 2014
Jubilee Field Pavilion
13th March 2014
Jubilee Field Pavilion
There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 8.40 pm
Chair of Committee