Comm. 150I: Organizational Communication Inquiry Prof. Federico Varona FINAL EXAM - STUDY GUIDE Chapter 1: The Quick Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

I. Appreciative Inquiry II. Chapters’ Topic III. Conclusion

Chapter 2: What is Appreciative Inquiry

I. What is Appreciative Inquiry II. Key components of AI: 1. Strength-based 2. Art of Appreciation 3. Collaborative 4. Inclusive 5. Generative

Chapter 3: Why is AI Important Now?

I. The problem-centered view of the world II. Consequences of the problem-solving approach: 1. Fragmentation 2. The indivisibility of possibility 3. Self-fulfilling deficit prophesies 4. Over dependence on experts and hierarchy 5. Exhaustion and visionless voice 6. Spirals of blaming Chapter 4: AI’s Driving Force: The Unconditional Positive Question I. The meaning of “Appreciate” II. The meaning of “Inquiry” III. The meaning of “Appreciative Inquiry”

Chapter 5: Re-thinking Human Organizations and Change

I. The Appreciative Principles: 1. The Constructionist Principle 2. The Poetic Principle 3. The Principle of Simultaneity 4. The Anticipatory Principle 5. The Positive Principle 6. The Narrative Principle

Chapter 6: What does the Practice of AI Looks Like?

I. Introduction II The 4-Ds of Appreciate Inquiry: 1. Discovery Phase 2. Dream Phase 3. Design Phase 4. Destiny Phase 1

Chapter 7: Getting Started: Choosing the Affirmative Topic

I. The Affirmative Topic II. Conclusion

Chapter 8: Building Capacity for Teamwork: The Medic Inn Story

I. AI is generative II. A Tale of Two Stories: The Diagnosis Phase III. A Tale of Two Stories: The Report Phase IV. Conclusion

Chapter 9: Building Community Capacity: AI With the US Navy

I. The Power of Working with the Whole II. The Story of the Navy Information Professional III. Summit Dynamics VI. Post Summit Work

Chapter 10: CONCLUSION: AI as Learning that Builds Cooperative Capacity

I. Why AI? II. The Magnetism of Experiencing Wholeness III. Suspension of problem-solving through AI IV. Suspension of Hierarchy through Storytelling V. Positive Questions beget Positive Action 2 2