ME/MSE 6796: Structure-Property Relationships in Materials

ME/MSE 6796: Structure-Property Relationships in Materials
1:35pm – 2:25 pm T/R Love (MRDC II) 184
Dr. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb
315 Love Manufacturing Bldg.
Contact: [email protected] (404) 385-0667
Office hours: by appointment
Credit Hours:
Graduate standing in engineering or related discipline.
Catalog Description:
Introduction to the multiscale structure effects on material
properties. For MSE students, this course will prepare students
for future in-depth courses. For non-MSE students, the course
will provide a background in materials and may serve as part of
the program of study for a minor in materials. Cross-listed ME,
Reference Material:
R.E. Newnham, “Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry,
Structure” , Oxford University Press
To understand how physical and chemical properties are related
to crystal structure and microstructure and to appreciate the
engineering significance of these ideas and how they relate to
industrial products
Topics outline:
Definition of Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Physics
Elements of Crystallography
Solid Solutions and Alloys
Phase Transitions
Overview of Crystal Structures
Structure-Property Relations: Neumann’s Law
Thermal Properties
Optical Properties
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Properties
Magnetic Properties
Mechanical Properties
Problem sets: 30%, Midterms: 70%