Potential PhD Research Projects at the Marine and Freshwater

Potential PhD Research Projects at the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC), GalwayMayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Ireland
The purpose of this advertisement is to identify candidates who are interested in applying for an
Irish Research Council (IRC) PhD scholarship, in collaboration with an academic supervisor at the
Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).
Full details of the IRC postgraduate scholarship scheme can be found at the following link:
http://research.ie/scheme/government-ireland-postgraduate-scholarship-scheme-2015-call-nowopen. Please consult the IRC postgraduate scholarship Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are
an eligible candidate before contacting a potential supervisor at the MFRC. Candidates will be
expected to make a substantial contribution to the IRC funding application. If the funding application
is successful, the PhD will commence in October 2015.
The MFRC is a dynamic group of researchers, academics and students working together to enhance
the management of marine and freshwater ecosystems worldwide. MFRC research activity is
focused on achieving three important outcomes:
Enabling sustainability: Our researchers help ensure the sustainable management of
fisheries and their ecosystems by collecting, analysing and interpreting data.
Conserving biodiversity: Our scientists help to conserve biodiversity by assessing the
response of aquatic species to human impacts and environmental stresses.
Improving productivity: Our team works closely with industry to research, test and identify
innovative technologies that can improve productivity in the seafood sector.
We particularly welcome submissions from IRC-eligible candidates interested in developing PhD
projects in the following areas:
Ecosystem Dynamics: Synchronicity, decoupling and tipping points in the Celtic Sea ecosystem.
Contact Dr Deirdre Brophy: deirdre.brophy@gmit.ie
Behavioural ecology: particularly, the behaviour of aquatic animals, and/or the application of
behavioural concepts to their management and conservation. Contact Dr Martin Gammell:
Fisheries ecology: Fisheries biology and assessment, ecosystem approaches to management, trophic
interactions. Contact Dr Rick Officer: rick.officer@gmit.ie
Population genetics: Population genetics of marine species of commercial and ecological
importance. Contact Dr Luca Mirimin (luca.mirimin@gmit.ie)
Requirements/Qualifications: Interested candidates should hold an Honours Degree (minimum 2.1,
ideally a first class honours) in a cognate discipline, e.g. Marine Biology, Freshwater Biology,
Fisheries Biology, Animal Behaviour, Zoology, or a related discipline. Candidates should have good
skills in experimental design and statistical analysis.
Application Procedure: Interested candidates should email their Curriculum Vitae and a Personal
Statement to an appropriate academic supervisor at the MFRC (at the email address listed above).
The Curriculum Vitae should include the following information:
Title of Degree and Grade achieved, Name of Awarding Institution, Title of final year project.
Title of Masters Degree (if relevant) and Grade achieved, Name of Awarding Institution, Title
of MSc research project.
Details about any relevant training courses taken (with course title, course location, dates,
Research achievements (e.g. publications, awards, conference papers, posters, etc.).
Work Experience of relevance to the PhD project that interests you (including voluntary
work), with employer name, job title, nature of duties and responsibilities, duration of
employment, etc.
Any other experience you consider relevant.
Names and email addresses of two referees.
The Personal Statement (maximum of 200 words) should outline:
Why you wish to study for a PhD.
How your previous experience and academic background make you a suitable PhD
Any additional information which you feel will provide a better overview of your suitability,
including personal skills, motivation, interests, etc.
Final closing date for receipt of Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement: 5pm on Monday 26th
January 2015. However, please note that the closing date for submission of funding applications to
the IRC Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is Wednesday 11th February 2015. Because of this
applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, until suitable IRC PhD candidates are identified, or
until the final closing date has passed. Therefore you should submit your Curriculum Vitae and
Personal Statement as soon as possible.