Plate Tectonic State Exam Questions

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BCS 448 – 7th grade Science
Earth’s Structure and Plate Tectonics
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2001 NYS State Exam:
1) In which diagram are the layers of the Earth correctly labeled?
2) The map below indicates the possible location of some of Earth’s continents in the past.
- What feature of the continents suggests that they were once
a) Some continents fit together like puzzle parts.
b) Some continents have the same size
c) Some continents have mountain ranges.
d) All continents contain the same crustal composition
What other evidence best supports that these landmasses
on Earth were once together?
a) North America and India have matching mountain
b) Madagascar and India have similar shapes.
c) Matching rock layers can be found in Africa and South
d) Bedrock in Australia and Greenland have glacier
3) The map below shows some geological features located near the west coast of the United States.
The arrow on either side of the fault represent
volcanic eruptions.
rock formations.
the relative movement of air masses.
the relative movement of tectonic plates.
2003 NYS Science Exam
4) The cross section shows the heat flow and movement of some material within Earth, causing sections of Earths
crust (plates) to move.
a) How does the temperature of the Earth’s crust compare to the temperature of Earth’s interior?
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b) Name 2 geological events of features that may result for the movement of crustal plates.
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- What theory is used to explain the movement of crustal plates?
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