- Canadian Geographic

Performing Arts around the World
Students will compare common performing arts events in Canada with those of different countries
Grade: 1-3
Canadian National Standards for Geography:
Essential Elements 4 – Human Systems
Culture of the local community and other communities
Patterns of cultural traits
Time required: 40 minutes
Chart paper
Writing utensils
World map
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this lesson, students will:
Understand how they have interacted with performing arts in their lives
Understand how different parts of the world interact with performing arts differently
As a class discuss the field of performing arts. Ask your students what types of activities they think make
up the broad category of performing arts and list as many examples as you can. Write this list on chart
paper for all to see. Ask your students to write a short journal entry about a performing arts event that
they have attended either with the class or their family.
Once all journal entries are completed, have some students share their experiences. Using students’
experiences as a starting point, host a discussion about common types of performing arts activities from
your areas and others around the world. As a class, create a visual display of common types of
performing arts events in each continent on a world map. Compare and contrast the different types of
events that are favoured in each continent and discuss how these may be reflective of the surrounding
Have your students finish with another journal entry comparing the experience they wrote about
previously to a performing arts event in another continent. They should write two similarities and two
differences between the activities they have participated in and those they just learned about from
other cultures.
Extend your geographic Thinking:
Explore the culture of your local neighbourhood and compare it to other parts of Canada. Can your class
see any trends with performing arts and immigration of certain areas?