Group Term Paper

Group Term Paper
First, each student will join a group. The student or student group (at most 4 students) needs to
finish a written case study report (2500 – 3000 words) on the use of Mobile technology in a firm or
society. The research paper must reflect your understanding on basic concepts taught in the course
and capability of using them to analyze practical cases.
The case study should be outlined as follows:
A. Abstract [150 words]
B. Firm Profile [450 words]
a. Describe the nature of activities and services provided by the firm
b. Describe the organizational structure and a summary of resources [especially technology
C. Business Start-up [500 words]
a. A brief relevant historical background on the company and how they began operations in
Ghana and major key milestones of development and achievements.
D. Business Problem [400 - 500 words]
a. Discuss a specific business problem, opportunity or challenge which required an Mobile
technologyenabled solution. Describe the antecedents to the problem including the social,
managerial, organizational, technological, legal or economic issues which increased the
complexity of addressing the problem or opportunity.
E. Technology-based Solution [400 - 500 words]
a. Discuss the Mobile technology-based solution introduced to address the business
challenge, problem or opportunity. What process led to the choice of this solution and what
other options were considered?
F. Addressing the Challenges [400 - 500 words]
a. Assess the Mobile technology-based solution – has the problem been solved, was the
company able to achieve the objectives set out? Get the views of stakeholders concerned
including managers, employees, clients, partners or customers concerning the new solution
or service provided.
G. Lessons for Managers [300 - 400 words]
a. Discuss three key lessons which managers in organizations and students learning
information systems can learn from this case study.
Key Guidelines
1) Each case study report should be presented with a cover page which should state out the title of
the case study and also outline the names, index numbers and email addresses of students who
participated in the assignment. The mobile number of the group leader should be included.
2) Your case study should focus on how an organization attempted to address a business challenge,
opportunity or problem through an Mobile technology solution. Hence, the business problem,
opportunity or challenge should be clearly stated and discussed.
3) Your case may depict either a failure or success – meaning the solution worked or did not work or
perhaps worked for a brief period and failed.
4) It is important to draw out some of the social, managerial, organizational, technological, legal or
economic issues which contributed to either the failure or success of the technology-enabled
5) To ensure confidentiality, you should keep the names of organization and its employees
anonymous, where necessary.
Sample Topics for Case Report [not limited to these topics]
1. Social Networking Adoption for Customer Service – The Case of A Ghanaian Institution
2. Securing Customer Information in a Ghanaian Financial Institution through the use of virtual and
3. Using Internet Banking to Enhance Branchless Banking
4. The Adoption of Mobile technology in A Public Sector Institution in Ghana
5. Using Social Networking to Market or Introduce New Products/Services
6. Marketing Banking Services through Internet