Asignatura: Inglés 4 Unidad: 3 Tarea Final 3: Qualified Adjectives

Asignatura: Inglés 4
Unidad: 3
Tarea Final 3: Qualified Adjectives, Relative clauses, Passive Voice
Alumno: Irania González Basulto
Realiza lo que se te pide:
Put the adjectives in the correct order before the noun. Recuerda que en tu material de
estudio hay una tabla de cómo debe ser el orden de los adjetivos.
1. a (an) metal/ old / rectangular / grey / table
Old/ rectangular / grey /metal/
2. a (an) enormous / Roman / amazing / monument.
Amazing/ Enormous / Roman
3, a (an) round / plastic / yellow / plate.
Round / yellow / plastic
4. a (an) Greek / marble / ancient / big / statute.
Big / ancient / Greek / marble
5. a (an) ugly / black / square / frame .
Ugly / square / black
Fill in the correct relative pronoun.
Possible careers in music
Q: I was wondering what some of the different career opportunities are in music other than
being a singer or professional musician?
A: There are a million different jobs in music which don't involve performing professionally;
it's a great business for that.
One obvious one is in teaching; you can go to college and become a professional music
teacher either for schools or as a private tutor. Peripatetic teachers, ones that travel from
school to school, are very popular just now.
Another suggestion is in music therapy. This can be helping people who have physical or
mental disabilities to use music as a tool in co-ordination. It can also help accident victims to
re-use limbs that have been broken or to come to terms with trauma.
If you are into instruments, you can look at the art of making and repairing either modern
instruments such as in piano tuning or by learning the skills to recreate old instruments. You'd
probably need to talk to a museum that specializes in these instruments about what
qualifications you'd need. In the same vein there is conservation work to be had by training to
restore old instruments in museums or conserve old manuscripts.
Use the verbs in the box in the correct tense of the passive voice
1. In the summer, most streets around the town square are closed to vehicles.
2. The flight to Istanbul han been delayed for five hours because of the fog that is preventing
the planes from taking off and landing at the moment.
3. All the special effects of this movie were made on a computer, which cost much less that
4. Curious people gathered around the place where the film was being taken.
5. I can't go to work in own car because it is being repaired today.
6. The play will be staged throughout the country starting from next week.
7. Most vegetables can be etaen either cooked or raw.
8. The dish should be leat to cool before it can be served.
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