AbstractID: 10136 Title: Real-time Detector Test

AbstractID: 10136 Title: Real-time Detector Test
Most hospitals are already involved in the routine monitoring of radiation either in nuclear
medicine and/or radiation oncology. Radiation instruments are used to control exposures,
monitor for spills and assess decontamination efforts. The range and variety of instruments
on hand vary with the types and uses of materials at the facility.
This lecture will review some of these instruments emphasizing their uses and limitations.
The lecture will include a real-time test in which participants will be asked to identify a
number of unknown radionuclides based on the response of the instruments reviewed
earlier. The lecture will conclude with a review of the correct answers and a reemphasis of
the limitations of the different instruments.
Educational Objectives:
Understand the types of instruments that might be used in a radiological emergency.
Understand the limitation of these instruments.
Use this information to make a real-time evaluation of unknown sources.