Rotation - Cobb Learning

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Rotation / Revolution Notes
1. The Earth in Space
a. The Earth rotates around an ____________.
b. The rotational axis is tilted to ________________
c. The Earth _______________ around the sun.
2. Rotation
a. The Earth ______ on its axis once every _________.
b. The direction of rotation direction is _________________ (west to east) if
you are viewing Earth from above the North
c. Earth’s rotation results in.....
 _________________
 _______________________
__________on Earth is when our side of the Earth faces the sun.
___________on Earth is when the side of Earth we are on faces away from
the sun.
2. Revolution
a. The Earth revolves around the Sun once every ______________,
which is equal to 1 year on Earth.
b. The path around the Sun, or orbit, is _____ a circle. 
The ________ distance between the Earth and Sun is about
147,000,000 km and occurs in ____________.
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The _________ distance between the Earth and Sun is about 152,000,000 km and
occurs in ________.
152,000,000 km
147,000,000 km
Seasons are not caused by how close the Earth is to the sun.
In fact, the Earth is closest to the sun around January 3 and farthest away from the sun
around July 4.
Seasons are the result of the _______________of the Earth's axis.
Earth’s axis is tilted _________________________.
This tilting is why we have ________________like fall, winter, spring and summer.
The number of daylight hours is greater for the hemisphere, or half of Earth, that is tilted
toward the ____________.
____________ is warmer than winter (in each hemisphere) because the Sun's rays hit the
Earth at a more direct angle during summer than during winter.
Why do we have seasons?
• ___________ are much longer than the nights during the summer.
• During the winter, the Sun's rays hit the Earth at an extreme
angle, and the days are very short. These effects are due to the
Season In A Nut Shell
More sunlight _______________________________________
Less Sunlight _______________________________________