Scientific Method Uses observations and experiementation to

Scientific Method
Uses observations and
experiementation to
explain theories of the
Natural Laws
Laws that govern
human behavior
Enlightened Despot
A monarch who retains absolute
power and used his power to
enact reform based on
Enlightenment ideas
Scientific Revolution
A period of history in which
scientists questioned
traditional beliefs about the
workings of the universe.
A movement in the late 18th
century that stressed the
importance of reason and
science in philosophy and the
study of human society.
Nicolaus Copernicus
Believed in Solar System with sun at
Showed proof by using math to explain
orbits of the planets around the sun.
Galileo Galilei
Improved telescope and used it to
support Heliocentric Theory.
Condemed by church - forced
Isaac Newton
Proved existence of force that
kept planets on orbit
Named the force gravity
Rene' Descartes
Formed scientific method
Believed that reason instead of
tradition be used to discover truths
Emphasized the power of human
John Locke
Believed all people posses natural
Rights include life, liberty and
property (Judicial Rights as well)
People form governments to protect
their rights
Baron de Montesquieu
Governments have responsibility to
protect its citizens
Power should be shared between
branches….Checks and Balances
Believed in free speech
Criticized the French government and
Catholic Church
Believed that people are naturally good,
but corrupted by evil's of society
In perfect society people both make and
obey laws
Thomas Hobbes
Believed that without strong government
people would be at war all of the time.
Believed that what a person grows up to
be is predetermined when they are born
Maria Theresa
Improved tax system to ease burden on
Made primary education available to
children in her kingdom
Jopseph II
Chose officials based on talents instead
of their status
Practiced religious tolerance
Abolished serfdom
Ended censorship
Catherine the Great
Took advice from townspeople on running
Built schools and hospitals
Promoted education for women
Extended religious tolerance
Divine Right
Belief that God gives a person the right to
rule the people in that country, going
against the King or Queen would be going
against God
A place where philosophers would gather
to discuss ideas and teach people about
new ideas and theories
Belief in an all powerful God that created
the universe the same way a watchmaker
creates a watch. Philosophers believed it
was their job to discover the truths about
the universe
Geocentric Theory
Earth at the center of the
Heliocentric Theory
Theory of the universe
that states the sun is the
center and the earth
revolves around it.