SHU-HUA, YANG (楊曙華) by sharon, 2011-01

by sharon, 2011-01-26 15:21, 人氣(223)
Degeneration of the intervertebral disc (IVD) and
associated spinal disorders are leading causes of
morbidity, resulting in substantial pain and increased
health costs. Pathophysiologic evidence indicates that
IVD degeneration originates from the nucleus pulposus
(NP), where the proteoglycan content and type II
collagen synthesis decrease, while denaturation of type
II collagen and synthesis of type I collagen increase. As
the NP loses its osmotic properties and becomes fibrotic,
the IVD cannot transmit intervertebral forces optimally,
and various degenerative processes subsequently occur.
Before fusing the diseased segments as a salvage
procedure for the end-stage pathology, ideal strategy
should be applying different treatment to different stage
of IVD degeneration. Regeneration of the NP tissues in
the early stages of degeneration can theoretically retard
or even reverse the degenerative process and possibly
restore a healthy IVD.
Our researches on IVD regeneration cover three
key components of tissue engineering. Through
collaboration with Graduate Institute of Biomedical
Engineering, National Taiwan University, several
biomaterials have been investigated for their effect
on the IVD cells regarding enhancement of survival,
proliferation and matrix synthesis. In order to
completely fill the NP defect surrounded by the annulus
fibrosis, injectable biomaterials are of special research
interest in our recent researches. In addition to in-vitro
studies, we are currently working on establishing a
rat tail disc model for following in-vivo experiments.
We also study the NP cells isolated from human tissue
regarding their regeneration potential as well as optimal
stimuli, including chemical and physical, to enhance
the property of regenerative tissues.
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