Curriculm Vitae

E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Residential Address:
Date of Birth:
30/1, Fuzzels Lane, Wellawatte, Colombo 06
0777 406 523
17 May 1987
I am graduate from Auston Institute (Electrical & Electronic Engineer), which is accredited by The Coventry
University UK.Currently I am hoping to become part of a well established organization which challenges
my abilities and optimizes the utilization of my analytical and problem solving skills, as well as to enhance
my career, professional and leadership experiences.
Qualification HISTORY
Sep 2012- Sep 2014
BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering –Class II (Division 2)
Auston Institute (University of Coventry, United Kingdom)
Dec 2009 – May 2011
HND in Computer Science – Received an Overall Distinction
ICBT City Campus (Edexel )
Interested Modules
Electrical Engineering
Power Systems Engineering
Microcomputer Systems
Communication & Networks
Software System Engineering
Project Management
Product Development Strategy
G.C.E (Advanced Level)-(June2006 – June 2007) Bambalapitiya Hindu College
Good performance, in Mathematics stream, with 2C, S and aC in Physics, Mathematics and S for
G.C.E (Ordinary Level)-(January2002 – December 2003) Bambalapitiya Hindu College
Achieved 4Distinctions 2 B and 2C (Distinctions include Mathematics and Science)
Skills & Computer Literacy
Programming languages - JAVA, VB.Net, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
IDEs & Software – AutoCAD, Net Beans, Visual Studio, Mat lab, Proteus, Multi-Sim, Ms Office
Relevant Projects
 Designed and implemented a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for 3 Phase Motors - 2014
The project consisted of 3 interconnected Modules, An Input Module (Rectification) : where 230V
Single Phase AC is converted to its RMS DC and smoothed, An Output Module (Inverter) : Where
PWM signal is used to drive three IGBTs to generate corresponding AC Sine waves, A Controller
Module (VFD Controller) : where current feedback from the Inverter is used to generate the necessary
PWM signals, for the simulated sine waves for all 3 Phases, according to the selected speed.
 Implemented a GPS/GSM based real time vehicle tracking and control system (2014)
Project involved C++ based microcontroller firmware development as well as a web based
control interface development
 Microprocessor design & simulation(2013)
Designed a 4-bit microprocessor using VHDL in Altium designer and implemented a test bench
for simulation and error analysis
 Implement a e-notice board for an institute (Using PHP, JavaScript) (2013)
Developed centralized, network based notification system for an institute
 Implemented desktop application using java with net-beans (Easy Accounting Pro) (2011)
To maintain the day to day transactions, stock management, etc. including various day to day
report options, for a real hardware shop. Project included, Project planning, Requirement
gathering, Lifecycle maintenance, Quality cycles, etc.
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