Ethical Principles

Today’s Objectives
Compare federal and state court systems.
Differentiate between ethical and legal
Morals and Ethics
What is morality?
What is ethics?
3-Step Process: Is it ethical?
Ethical Principles
____________________ Principle: examines whether the action will cause the greatest
good for the greatest number of people
 The more ____________________ that results, the more ____________________ the action is
____________________ Principle: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
 Based on ____________________, which means putting yourself in another person’s shoes
____________________ Ethics: most people know moral rules instinctively, but sometimes
there are exceptions to the rules
 Example:
 Doesn’t mean it is ____________________; just means it is _________________________
Ethical Character Traits
In difficult cases where moral and legal guidelines do not help, specific character traits
become a compass you can use.
 Honesty –
 Justice –
 Compassion –
 Integrity –
Ethics and Law
Changes in ____________________ standards can help us make new _______________ or
get rid of old ones.
Ethical Dilemmas
You will work in a group of 5-6 students each. Everyone must contribute to the group.
Your group will be assigned one of the five ethical dilemmas list on the worksheet.
You will work together to examine and discuss the ethical dilemma. As a group, you will
create a poster presenting the items listed below. Your poster should be visually
appealing and easy to read. Use your creativity!
 What is the ethical dilemma?
 Who is affected by it? How?
 What are the facts?
 Outcome – what would you do?
Your group will present the dilemma & your poster to the class.
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