Year 10 courses Booklet 2014-2015

Scalby School
Year 10
Key Stage 4
Course Information
January 2014
Year 10 Courses 2014-2015
Core Provision
The core provision represents those subjects that you are entitled to study and these are
automatically timetabled for you. In Year 10 the core subjects are; Maths (4 periods per
week), English (4 periods per week), Science (4 periods per week), PE (2 periods per
week) and Life (1 period per week). You will also continue with French/Art (3 periods per
week) and your chosen Humanities subject (3 periods per week).
Year 10 Options
The way you select your options for Year 10 is different from the way you chose your
option subject last year. This year you will be able to choose TWO options subjects. You
will study both of these subjects in Year 10 AND in Year 11. You will study one of your
options subjects two periods per week in Year 10 and then three periods per week in Year
11. The other option subject will be studied for three periods per week in Year 10 and for
two periods per week in Year 11. This means that this is the last time that you will be
required to select options subjects as you are now selecting the options which you will
study until the end of Year 11.
Making the choices
Please read the descriptions of each subject carefully. If you have any questions about the
subject then please speak to your teacher before making your choice. Ask them about the
topics you will study, what you will be required to do in the exam, what your predicted
GCSE grade in the subject is and what extra work you could do in order to extend and
deepen your learning. You and your parents/carers can find out more information about
each subject at the Options Information Evening.
Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance
Mrs Ruth Green, our Careers Advisor, is in school each Tuesday and Friday morning
during term time. Every student is entitled to a face to face Career Guidance interview.
Parents and carers are welcome to join their young person for the Guidance interview
provided that the student is comfortable with this.
Students can ask for an interview and referrals can be made by teaching staff, support
staff and parents.
Guidance interviews typically last around 40 minutes. Shortly after the interview each
student seen will receive a full Career Action Plan with agreed action points to help them
move forward. It is helpful for students to make notes before their session and write down
any questions they may have so that things are not missed. Students can ask for a follow
up appointment if they wish and are often invited along again at a later date if the Careers
Advisor feels it would be beneficial.
Even if you think you know what you want to do later on, or which subjects you intend to
choose, it is a very good idea to come along for a discussion just to make certain that you
have chosen the right subjects and you are aware of all options available to you after Year
11. There is rarely only one route to a career and there may be alternatives that you are
not aware of.
It doesn’t matter what school year you are in, it is never too early to begin researching your
options. This is your future, it is important that you make informed choices. A Career
Guidance interview can help you with your next steps.
To make an appointment, please speak with Mrs Scott who will be happy to arrange this
for you.
Option Subject
Year 10 Option Choice Form 2014-2015
Name: ………………………………....................
Mentor Group: 9 …………....
It is important to indicate alternative subjects in case your first choice course does not run.
This can happen if not enough students wish to study a subject. Please indicate your
preferences for each option block.
Option A
Option B
Student’s Signature: …………………………
Parent’s Signature: ……………………….
Please return the option form to your tutor by Friday 31 January 2014. If you do not
return your form by this date you may not get your first preference Options
Year 10 Option Choices – January 2014
All courses are GCSE courses.
Option A
Option B
This option will be studied 2 periods
per week in Year 10 and 3 periods
per week in Year 11
This option will be studied 3
periods per week in Year 10 and 2
periods per week in Year 11
Product Design
Business Studies
Triple Science
Product Design
Business Studies
Triple Science
How to choose your subjects
You simply choose one subject from each option block. Remember you will study BOTH
subjects until the end of Year 11.