Oral Abstract Template B

Submissions must not exceed 250 words (excluding title & authors). The document must not
be password protected or saved as read only as this may result in your abstract failing to
upload successfully. Use Arial 11 point type only. Please structure your submission using the
subheadings below. If the abstract does not fit the headings, please put full abstract beneath
introduction and we will remove the headings once submitted.
<Insert authors here.>
Principal author to appear first.
Underline the name of the author who will be presenting the paper
All Authors must be listed by their surname followed by initials with no punctuation
except commas between each name (do not use full stops or commas between
surname and initials)
Omit degrees and titles
Include affiliations/organisation for each author. Use superscript numbering after the
author’s name to indicate affiliations
Example: Smith B1, Taylor W 1,2, Tran S3
University of NSW, 2 APSAD, 3 The Kirby Institute
Introduction / Issues:
<Insert text here>
Method / Approach:
<Insert text here>
Key Findings:
<Insert text here>
Discussions and Conclusions:
<Insert text here>
Implications for Practice or Policy (optional):
<Insert text here>
Implications for Translational Research (optional):
<Insert text here>
Disclosure of Interest Statement:
The Australasian Professional Society for Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) recognises the
considerable contribution that industry partners make to professional and research activities.
We also recognise the need for transparency of disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by
acknowledging these relationships in all written publications.
For an example of a disclosure of interest statement please see below
Dr. Smith has received funding from Metabolism Corp. No pharmaceutical grants were
received in the development of this study.