Parish Religious Education Programs

Queen of Peace
Parish Religious Education Programs
4508 Vistula Rd.
Mishawaka, IN 46544
phone: 574.256.6750 FAX: 574.255.1029
Director of Catechetical Programs:
Admin. Assistants for Weekly P.R.E.P:
Fr. John Eze
Kelly Pant
Carole Vinson
WEEKLY P.R.E.P. - Grades Preschool - 8
13 September 2015 – 24 April 2016
Sundays, 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM
Queen of Peace P.R.E.P. promotes wise stewardship of student’s TIME by
teaching about the Kingdom of God & our cooperation in bringing about
it’s fullness;
stressing regular attendance in all classes and regular, weekly
attendance and active participation at weekend Masses;
expecting students to arrive on time for class;
expecting assignments to be completed and submitted on time;
encouraging students to apply their classroom learning experiences
through daily living;
providing opportunities for students to participate in parish-based
activities and devotionals throughout the year;
stressing the importance of setting aside time for daily prayer;
providing opportunities for students to participate in service projects.
Queen of Peace P.R.E.P. promotes stewardship of student’s TALENTS by
 teaching about the uniqueness & value of human beings, made in the
image and likeness of God;
 stressing healthy relationships, with the Holy Trinity as model;
 involving students in learning about and reflecting upon the lives of
 encouraging students and their families to become involved in a liturgical
ministry (altar serving, gift bearing, etc.)
 providing opportunities for students to participate in service projects;
 highlighting the Sacraments of Vocation periodically throughout the year;
 Expecting (& requiring) students to practice self-control and behave at all
Queen of Peace P.R.E.P. promotes wise stewardship of student’s
teaching about the Universal Church, and in particular the Church’s
missionary activity;
upholding respect of people and other’s property as valuable, and
modeling it in the classroom;
stressing the use of weekly offering envelopes;
providing opportunities for students to learn about and support local
encouraging the principals of “reuse” and “recycling;”
teaching about the interdependence of all humans.
Queen of Peace
Weekly P.R.E.P. 2015-2016
one child: $40
two or more children: $60.00
A non-parishioner fee of $20 will be assessed to families not
registered as members of Queen of Peace parish. As a gesture of courtesy,
non-parishioners are asked to consult the Catechetical Director (DRE) at their parish
before registering students here.
A fee of $10 per child will be assessed for students preparing for
1st Reconciliation &1st Eucharist, & Confirmation.
A $5 late fee will be assessed for each child to those families who
fail to re-enroll their child(ren) before September 1 of any given
Tuition/Sacramental fees are waived for:
 individual families based on need (thanks to the QP Jubilee
Society!) Contact Kelly.
 families of catechists
General Policies
 Preschoolers must be a full 3 years old and potty-trained
before entering the program.
 Parents of a student who exhibits disruptive behavior will be
contacted to pick up the child!
 Students will be expected to remove jackets & hats (caps) in
the classroom.
 GUM CHEWING is not allowed in the building OR church.
 Food & beverages in the classroom are not allowed.
 If a student is responsible for property damage in any way to
furniture, books, or school student property, parents will be
notified, & restitution will be expected.
Regular weekly attendance is important, as lessons build on
each other and time together is short.
An absence is EXCUSED if the office is informed before the
start of class. To report an absence, call the office (256.9674)
BY 10:30 AM Sunday. 3 excused absences for the year are
An absence is UNEXCUSED if the office is NOT informed
before the start of class. 1 unexcused absence is permitted
without consequence. The parent will be called & reminded of
the policy.
Students in violation of the absence policy run the risk of not
being able to sign up for the next grade in the successive year!
Being on time is very important, in consideration of students &
catechists who make it a priority to be prompt as well as lesson
content vs. class length.
A student is “tardy” if s/he arrives later than 10:50 AM. If a
student is tardy more than twice, a special assignment will be
given to the student to complete.
We are not responsible for your child until s/he is in the
classroom! Furthermore, students ARE NOT allowed to enter
the classroom before the catechist is present. We ask students
to wait in the main hallway.
Sunday Arrival and Dismissal Policies
Parents and students may use the doors off the main parking
lot) or enter the classroom area through the gym to enter the
school building. For the safety of the children, the doors
leading into the school will be locked at 11 AM.
Parents of young students (Preschool – gr. 1) are asked to
escort (or designate an adult to escort) the child to the
assigned classroom AS WELL AS call for the child at the
classroom door by 12:15.
Older siblings (gr. 4-8) may call for younger siblings at their
classroom door after we have received written permission from
parents. However, NO students will be allowed to leave the
building unescorted after class without written permission on
file, and only 6th – 8th grade students qualify for that privilege.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is offered for preschoolers.
The child works with hands-on materials in a specially-prepared
environment. This curriculum is based directly on Scripture (the
infancy narratives, selected Kingdom parables, Passion narratives,
& “advent” prophecies), & the liturgy.
A grade-appropriate Alive in Christ (OSV) textbook used for
grades K-8, in concert with diocesan grade-level guidelines & the
church’s liturgical year.
Diocesan mandated materials are used for the Junior High
Confirmation Preparation Program.
The 2nd grade text is supplemented with First Reconciliation &
First Eucharist texts (OSV) at appropriate times during the school
Safe Environment Policies - Students
A student will not be released to a person who is not specified
on the registration form as permitted to call for the child. If in
doubt, we will ask for identification, & may refuse release until
a parent is contacted. If someone other than those specified on
the Registration Form will be calling for your child, please notify
the office in writing, complete with signature of the parent who
originally signed the Registration Form. We will NOT accept
the child’s (or adult other than the parent’s) “word.”
We will conduct safe environment training with all students in
October using diocesan scripts for grades P-5, and lesson
plans based on the book Boundaries for grades 6-8. Parents
will be informed of the specific date(s) of this training, and may
review materials and/or opt out of the training for their children
before the date(s) of the training.
Older siblings (gr. 4-8) may call for younger siblings at their
classroom door after class ONLY after we have received a
note from parents granting this permission.
Field trip permission forms will be sent home as applicable.
Unless a Permission Slip comes home, it’s NOT a QP field trip!
NO students will be allowed to leave the building unescorted
after class without written permission of file, and only 6th-8th
grade students qualify for that privilege.
Safe Environment Policies – Adults and Catechists
For the safety of our children, parents of young students
(grades P-1) are asked to escort their children to the classroom
door before class, and call for their student at the end of class.
All who will be in contact with child(ren) as part of a Queen of
Peace P.R.E.P. have undergone a criminal and sex-offender
background check, & have received & are familiar with the
Personal Conduct & Policies Manual for Volunteers of the
Dio. of Ft. Wayne-So. Bend, Inc.
It is stated in the Conduct & Policies Manual: “...all personnel,
Catechists will wear their “Volunteer Safe-Environment
Certification” badge any time they are working with students.
paid & volunteer, [including catechists], must adhere to the diocese’s
Practical Guidelines for Conduct When Interacting With a Child or
Young Person. All must report any suspected incident of the physical,
mental, or sexual abuse or neglect of a child or young person to
appropriate civil & diocesan authorities consistent with the Diocesan
Guidelines. All personnel, employee & volunteer, are subject to &
obligated by this policy.”
Parents who volunteer to drive for a QP field trip will undergo
the same background checks.
Calendar of Classes, Masses, and Important Meetings
Sep 12:
Sep 13:
Sep 20:
Sep 27:
Confirmation Rally for 7th & 8th grade students
Classes begin - 10:45 AM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Oct 4: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Oct 11: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Oct 13: 1st Reconciliation Parent Meeting, 6:30 PM, church
Confirmation Parent Meeting in Church, 7:30 PM
Oct 18: 1st Recon. “enrollment” 9:30 Mass;Classes meet 10:45 AM
Oct 25: NO CLASS
Nov. 1: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Nov. 8: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Nov 14: Parish Bazaar – 8th graders help at Bake Sale
Nov 15: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Nov 22: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Confirmation Preparation “enrollment” 11:45 Mass
Nov 29: NO CLASS Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec 1: 1st Reconciliation & Parish Advent Penance Service, 7 PM
Dec 6: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Dec 13: Classes meet 10:45 AM; All preparing to receive a
Sacrament attend Vespers 5 PM
Dec 20: NO CLASS
Dec 25: Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas!)
Vigil Masses (24 Dec.) 5 PM, Midnight
Daytime Mass: 8 & 10 AM
Dec 27: NO CLASS
Jan 1:
Mary, Mother of God (Holy Day of Obligation)
Jan 3:
Jan 10:
Jan 17:
Jan 24:
Jan 31:
Vigil Mass (31 Dec) 6 PM; Daytime Mass: 9AM
Classes resume, 10:45 AM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Feb 7:
Feb 10:
Feb 14:
Feb 21:
Feb 23:
Feb 28:
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Ash Wednesday
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Lenten Parish Reconciliation Service – 7 PM
Classes meet 10:45 AM
Confirmation Retreat at St. Bavo’s 8am-11pm
(more information to follow)
Mar 6: 1st Communion “enrollment” at 9:30 Mass
Classes meet 10:45 AM
All preparing to receive a Sacrament attend Vespers 5:00 PM
Mar 13: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Mar19: Parish Clean Up 9AM-12PM (Confirmation Class)
Mar 20: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Mar 23: Confirmation Practice
Mar 27: NO CLASS
Mar 5:
Apr 1: Confirmation in the Church, 7 PM
Apr 10: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Apr 17: Classes meet 10:45 AM
Apr 23: First Communion Retreat – 10:30AM-3PM
Apr 24: Last Day of Class!
Apr 30/May 1: 1st Communion, 5:30 & 11:45 Masses (parent choice)
Queen of Peace
Sacramental Preparation Programs
Parents request baptism for infants & children under the age of
7 by contacting the parish office.
Parents of children over the age of 7 requesting baptism for their
child will be invited as a family to participate in the RCIA (Christian
Initiation) process (255.9674).
1st Reconciliation/1st Eucharist
Students who were baptized Roman Catholic as an infant or
before age 7 will be prepared for Reconciliation & Eucharist in the
2nd Grade P.R.E.P. classroom.
Students baptized Roman Catholic enrolled in grade 3 or above
will participate in Special Sacraments Class.
Students baptized in a Christian tradition other than Roman
Catholic over the age of 7 will be prepared to receive the Easter
Sacraments in the Special Sacraments Class and are invited with
their family to participate in the parish’s RCIA process.
Adolescent Confirmation
7th & 8th grade P.R.E.P. students who were baptized Roman
Catholic as infants will participate in grade-level classes &
activities outside the classroom.
Room and Catechist Roster
Preschool Good Shepherd
Brianne Stanley
Room 16
1st Grade
Lillian Leap, Autumn Leap
Room 14
2nd Grade
Katie Keyser
Room 13
3rd Grade
Tiwin Chackochan
Room 8
4th Grade/5th Grade
Michele Weldy
Room 2
6th Grade
Jennifer Eagers
Room 1
7th Grade
Patti Grenert/Lilia Barriga
Room 3
8th Grade
Kelly Pant
Room 5
Special Sacraments
Pam Keyser
Room 9
Catechists will provide parents with their contact information the first day of
class, and/or your child’s catechist may be contacted through Kelly Pant.
(255-9674) or
Dear Parents,
Thank you for entrusting the academic portion of your child’s faith
formation to us this year!
I hope you will find this booklet informative. It spells out individual
policies of our P.R.E.P. program, and also includes important R.E.
dates – so keep it handy!
If there’s any way that we can serve your family better, please
contact your child’s catechist directly or through me. All pertinent
names and numbers are included in this booklet.
Through Blessed Mary, Christ Our Lord is Peace!
Kelly Pant, DRE