PSYC 494D1/494D2
Fall 2015
Prerequisite: 30 credits in the Psychology program, PSYC 305 or equivalent and CGPA above 3.00. Not
open to students in the Honours Program. The supervisor must be a professor in the Psychology Dept.
Please include your unofficial transcript.
September 14th, 2015
Name: (Last) _________________________________ (First) ______________________________
Student Number: _____________________________
McGill E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________
Project title: _____________________________________________________________________
Supervisor’s e-mail: ____________________________
Brief Outline of Project:
Student Signature:
Date: _______________________
Supervisor Signature:
Date: _______________________
Department use only:
30 credits in Psychology :
Departmental Approval:
PSYC 305: __________
Date: ________________________
Instructions for submission of research report
1) The first page of your report must include the course number, title of the project, your name,
your student number, the name of your supervisor, and the date. The Font for the title page
should be 15 points or larger. See the sample at the bottom of this page. The report should be in
APA format.
2) All research papers require a Statement of Contribution – to be appended to your research paper
as a final page. It is understood that many research projects take place in the context of a broader
research team: This is a brief paragraph to describe your contribution to the project and the final
paper (i.e., versus the extent to which assistance has been given by members of staff, fellow
students, research assistants, technicians, or others in such activities as the collection of materials
and data, the design and construction of apparatus, the performance of experiments, the analysis
of data, and the preparation of the thesis including editorial help). If your project was part of a
larger project, specify the unique features of your project that distinguish it from others.
3) One paper copy of the final paper, plus an electronic version, must be submitted to Julia Marussi
in room N7/9 by the last day of class in the winter term.
4) Students who wish to submit their papers after the April deadline must obtain permission to do
so by the supervising professor and by the Psychology Dept. The “K” forms to apply for an
extension are available from Julia Marussi and must be signed by you and the supervising
5) Students who have submitted a K form should not expect to graduate in June.
6) Your course grade will be the average of the two marks submitted by your supervisor and the
second reader.
Sample Title Page
Title of Project
Your name
Your student number
Course: PSYC 494D1/494D2
Supervisor: Professor his/her Name
Date Submitted: April 15th, 2016