Project List – FALL 2009 - University of Minnesota Duluth

Project List – FALL 2009
Client (“skill”)
Andersen Windows
Enterprise -IE
Ross Manni
Andersen Windows
-- IE/ME
Renewal by
Andersen - Mike
Steve Stockey,
Travis Hibbard
Andersen Windows
– Bayport
Manufacturing -ME
Eric Hesse
Solar Choice -- ME
Keith McKinzie
Minnesota" -Vocational
Services -- ME
UMD/MIE research
project -- ME
Pat Hamon
(VRS) and Tim
(Duluth School
Dr. Debao Zhou
UMD/MIE research
project -- ME
Dr. Ryan
Project Description
The purpose of this project is to create a system of business
measurements for enterprise facilities and real estate to understand
and fully utilize the existing Andersen Corporation real estate
portfolio. The successful completion of this project will allow the
client, Andersen Corporation, to understand its current state
performance and align resources towards successful completion of
future state recommendations.
The project objective is to increase double-hung productivity from
371 units per shift to 400 units per shift. The completion of this
project will decrease the labor cost to produce a unit.
In the fabrication area of the door plant there are two work centers
that produce panel parts for assembly. Work center 1 fabricates rails
(horizontal member of the door panel) and work center 2 fabricates
stiles (vertical member of the door panel). Parts are sent through the
process and at the end of the line inspected and sent out to be
assembled. A select volume of these parts are protected by a blue
film that goes over the white interior vinyl surface. It is the operators
job to peel off this interior tape before the parts leave the work center.
This task of peeling off the interior blue tape produces a very high
ergonomic score.
Design of Assembly system for counter/time device. The goal is to
meet/exceed production needs and provide a more ergonomically
feasible solution for Graco. A budget is proposed but can be changed
depending on assembly performance.
Design/Construct testing facilities for solar panels at UMD’s Farm.
The project will involve instrumentation and monitoring of Door
panels. The client wishes new system designs to be developed
Develop a mechanism that can be attached and deployed from an
electric wheelchair that would allow the chair user to temporally stand
to perform work activities at their mobile job site. It can be deployed
using “chair power” and may have remote controls mounted to allow
the user to improve their mobility by moving the chain/walker device
with them while stepping along.
Bowel perforation during a colonoscopy results in a hole in the colon
wall. Such injury generates surgical emergency for the patient since it
threatens the patient's life. On average, this colonoscopy complication
occurs in 1 of 1700 procedures. Although both the shape and the force
of the scope body contribute to the perforation, the pressure between
the scope body and the colon wall is the fundamental reason.
In this project, the students will focus on making and testing a 16 by
16 sensor array. The involved working load is as follows:
(1) Draw electrode CAD files and send to a MEMS company to
manufacture; (2) Realize the power supply scanning circuit for the
sensor array; (3) Using a function generator and a power supply to
provide power for the circuit; (4) Using Matlab and corresponding
hardware to realize the sensel scanning and testing of the system.
Develop, build, and test a full-sized prototype for a robotic roadway
message painter. The system will be a gantry-style robot capable of
painting a nine-by-nine foot area and will be based on off-the-shelf
linear motion components and readily available servo control
hardware. The system will be mounted on a wheeled structure that
will be manually rolled around for positioning and will be equipped
with a standard pavement striping powered paint sprayer. Design the
mobile mechanical structure for the robotic roadway message painter.
Determine how all electrical and pneumatic components will be
mounted to the structure.
Investigate options for fabricating the structure and fabricate.