1. DAVID1 PUGH was born Abt. 1650 in South Wales, Great Britian, and died Abt. 1695 in Wales,
Llangelynnin Parish Merionethshire. He married ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1650.
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Hearth Tax record of 1662 in Merioneth County, Wales. In 1667 the tax record listed David Pugh,
in the Township of Tre'r Morfa, the Parish of Llangelynnin, in the old county of Merioneth, on
the western slope of Tyddyn Sheffrey, near the present town of Arthog.
David Pugh, Gentleman, acquired the farms of Tyddyn Sheffrey, Deildre, and Cloddio Byrrion,
but in 1691 he used the 3 farms as security for a loan of 480 pounds from Thomas Price. The
payments on the loan were in arrears, and in 1695 Thomas Price obtained possession of the
lands upon an appeal in the Court of Great Sessions.
David and his wife, Elizabeth, had at least 4 children: Lewis, b.c. 1674; David Jr.; Edward; and
Elizabeth who married a Benjamin Jones. Lewis left Wales in 1695 and came to the Colony of
Virginia, where he is mentioned as a witness to a deed in Lancaster County in 1702. David Jr.
came to Virginia, where he died shortly thereafter without issue.
Lewis married Ann Webster in Virginia in 1704. Ann was born about 1680. Baptisms of their
children are recorded in the North Farmham Parish Register in Richmond County, VA.
Thomas Price's will is dated 1714. He died 1715 in Ruthin, the county of Denbigh, Wales. Tyddyn
Sheffrey and the 2 other farms were left to his children who passed them to Edward Price,
Thomas' brother. In the 1725 will of of Edward Price of Dolgelley, he made provisions for the
"children of my cousin, David Pugh" from the proceeds of the 3 farms. Edward Price named
William Price the executor. Edward Pugh, third son of David, signed an affidavit that both Lewis
Pugh and David Pugh Jr. had died in VA leaving no heirs. He made a settlement with William
Price for 200 pounds. Lewis, in VA, learned of his brother's treachery from his brother-in-law,
Benjamin Jones who lived in North Wales. In 1731 Lewis and son, John, sailed for Liverpool,
going back to Wales to claim his inheritance.
Records in the Chancery Court in the Public Record Office in London show that in 1735, Lewis
Pugh, planter, of the Colony of Virginia, but now living in Dolgelley, filed his claim for Equity of
Redemption against William Price and Edward Pugh, who was living in the London area. William
Price responded to the same court in 1736, and in 1738 a court document implies there had
been and out-of-court settlement, but not yet finalized. Lewis Pugh never returned to Virginia.
In 1740 his wife, Ann, and all children except John signed a document in Richmond County, VA
appointing the second oldest son, David, as power-of-attorney to go to Wales and claim their
inheritance. No records have been found relating to David's efforts. The farms remained in the
Price Family. It is not known if John or David returned to America.
It is difficult to research anything prior to David Pugh, father of Lewis. Pugh is a patronymic
derivative name from ap Hugh. (Son of Hugh) In Wales before David's time, most men went only
by one name, surnames were not in use. Ap was used before consonants, Ab was used before
vowels, both meaning "son of". Verch was used also, meaning "daughter of". David Pugh Sr.'s
father could have been an ap Hugh, or his father's first name could have been Hugh. (Hugh ap
Robert, etc.)