Aarhus University, Denmark PLANT MOLECULAR GENETICS

Aarhus University, Denmark
A number of stipends are expected to be available at the Plant Molecular Genetics group.
The projects will be carried out at the Center of Excellence CARB (Carbohydrate
Signaling and Recognition) directed by Professor Jens Stougaard in the research groups
headed by Dr. Jens Stougaard, Dr. Simona Radutoiu or Dr. Stig U. Andersen. CARB center
is a strong international research environment with more than 30 scientists and
students focused on investigating plant-microbe interactions using genetic and
biochemical approaches.
Our research focuses on the interactions between plants and microbes discovering
genetic and molecular components underlying microbe recognition and signalling in
plants, and identifying the role of cell wall glycans and polysaccharides exposed on cell
surfaces as part of a complex interaction between organisms. One of our interests is the
association of plants with endophytic microbes. This project aims to identify genetic
components involved in plant-endophytic microbe interaction.
Individual PhD projects are designed applying molecular plant and microbial genetics,
cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and bioinformatics to study microbe perception in
plants, carbohydrate signals and their recognition.
For further information please visit the websites www.carb.dk and www.mb.au.dk.
We are looking for skilled and highly motivated candidates holding a BSc or MSc degree
in Molecular Biology or equivalent. Experience with molecular biology techniques will
be an advantage. Please send expressions of interest including CV, grade transcripts and
letters of reference to Associate Professor dr. Simona Radutoiu (sir@mb.au.dk).