AS and A Level
Sixth Form
Where do I start from?
Along with the School’s minimum requirements,
you will need a minimum grade B in GCSE
English or in a GCSE Humanities due to the
nature of political concepts and the significant
amount of specialist reading and essay writing
that you will need to do. It is not a pre-requisite
that you should have studied GCSE Government
and Politics.
What will I study?
The decisions of politicians and the Government
have a profound effect on all our lives. These
decisions may be about Education or the
National Health Service, Law and Order or
whether Britain should stay within the EU.
Government and Politics is the study of these
and other issues and the institutions that deal
with them.
The course is divided into four modules. The AS
deals with two modules. The first, 'People and
Politics', looks at political parties, pressure
groups and rights & responsibilities.
second, 'Governing the UK', looks at the role of
Parliament, the Cabinet, the Prime Minister, the
Civil Service and the Judiciary. The issue of
political and constitutional reform is dealt with
throughout the two units.
The A2 deals with the other two modules. The
third module deals with traditional political
ideology such as conservation and socialism.
The fourth module deals with newer ideologies
such as feminism, nationalism and anarchism.
The issue of developing ideology within the UK is
dealt with throughout the two A2 units.
How will I be assessed?
Modules three and four will be sat in the
summer of Year 13. Units three and four are 1
hour and 30 minutes long and each module
consists of three short questions from a choice
of five and one question from a choice of three
How will I study?
Lessons will vary in style depending on the topic
being studied and will involve class discussion,
videos, making notes, supported self-study and
detailed examination preparation. Homework
will reflect the wide range of learning
opportunities set on a regular basis and is used,
in addition to tests, to monitor your progress.
You will be expected to make full use of your
non-contact time. Audio-visual and computer
software is used to enhance learning strategies,
and the Library has a wide range of relevant up
to date resources.
What does it combine well with?
Most obviously with other Social Science
subjects such as Sociology, Religious Studies
and Economics. It also combines well with
History, Geography, English Literature and
Drama. Indeed, there are few A. Levels that
this does not combine well with.
Many students studying Social Science subjects
go on to University and this has been enhanced
with the introduction of Government and Politics.
Government and Politics is a challenging A.
Level, best suited to students with an interest in
the area and a disciplined and organised attitude
to study.
There are termly assessments and internal
examinations throughout the course. All
students sit the AS modules at the end of Year
12. The first module is an hour and 20 minutes
in length and consists of two structured
questions from a choice of four. Module two is
also an hour and 20 minutes long and consists
of one stimulus question from a choice of two
and one extended question from a choice of
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