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Student Name: Marcus R. Tinajero
Session Reflection Number: #2
Reflection entry for this session:
What are the implications of thinking at high cognitive levels and making connections for
my campus?
The implications of thinking at high cognitive levels and making connections for my
campus are for my students to be well instructed to achieve this my teachers need all the
resources that they can access in turn for the success of the students. It is impossible to
think that you can have a successful campus if your students and teachers do not have the
necessary tools such as technology, professional development (adequate one at that),
textbooks or any other resources that will only enhance the overall success. In the end
student success is the end goal and the implications of achieving this means change set by
you as the leader and know what things needs as an instructional leader will need to be
shown so your team can successfully prepare your students.
What is my responsibility as an instructional leader in this area?
While my responsibilities are vast, the most essential I believe is to build school climate
and shape in such a way that school culture makes the school the best it can be and take it
beyond that; it is also one of my duties is to make sure that at all times the community
feels involved and as well as maintain my involvement actively in the community abroad.
It is my fiduciary duty as a serving instructional leader to render recourses, time, talent,
and effort so that my VP’s and teachers as well as staff are competent enough to make the
school successful. In the end it is my job to do whatever it takes to achieve student
success. It is equally important to remember that success cannot be achieved alone on the
merits of one person rather it takes a unified team to accomplish this responsibility.
What are some opportunities for professional growth in this area?
Some opportunities for professional growth can be to attend seminars, keep current with
the latest research, as well as take account always what your school climate is like on a
daily basis. In order for a principal to be effective he/she has to be on the floor almost
every day, setting the tone for the school while leading by example. I think one of the
things that helps you grow professionally is just getting into that position and getting the
hang of the ropes. Being a communicator is essential for growth both verbally and
written as well as being able to go out get some of the latest techniques and as well being
able to stay up with current trends of students such as in their movies, music, icons, so
forth. In the end just being current on literature, PD, roaming your halls, and helping your
teachers are the opportunities you can afford yourself for growth in this area.