Pre-activity questions

Flame Tests Laboratory
Advanced Chemistry 2013 – 2014
Pre-activity Questions:
1. For what are flame tests used?
2. What is an emission spectrum?
3. Under what conditions will a substance produce an emission spectrum?
4. Why is nichrome wire, rather than copper wire, used for the loop?
5. A copper(II) nitrate sample is heated in Bunsen burner flame. Is the emission
from the copper(II) ions visible? Is the emission from the nitrate ions visible?
Post-activity Questions:
1. What event results in the release of a photon from an atom?
2. Why do atoms of different elements release different colors upon heating?
3. Why was the distilled water considered a control?
4. What were the identities of the mystery solutions, and how were you able to
identify them?
5. Discuss the confidence you have in your results and explain your reasoning.
Be specific about any errors that may have occurred during the experiment.