Name Due date Class section ______ Chapter 2: The Earth in

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Chapter 2: The Earth in Space
Chapter 3: Models of the Earth
Earth Science
Earth Science
Section 3.1: Finding locations on Earth (p. 43-45)
Multiple choice: Choose the one best response. Write the letter of that choice in the space provided.
_____ 1. A plane leaves Greenwich, England, flying in a westerly direction. After flying three fourths
of the way around the earth, the plane’s longitude would be:
a. 90º E
b. 90º W
c. 270º E
d. 270º W
_____ 2. The circumference of the earth is approximately:
a. 400 km
b. 4000 km
c. 40,000 km
d. 400,000 km
_____ 3. The earth’s axis of rotation intersects the earth’s surface at the ___.
a. magnetic poles
b. geographic poles
c. prime meridian
c. equator
_____ 4. The vertical lines in this diagram represent:
a. relief
c. seconds
b. parallels
d. meridians
_____ 5. The latitude of the equator is:
a. 0º
c. 180º
b. 90º
d. 360º
Short answer: Complete each statement by writing the correct term or phrase in the space provided.
6. Another name for latitudes is ______________________________, since they are always an equal
distance from one another.
7. Latitudes are measured in degrees. The degrees are subdivided into 60 equal parts called
__________________________ and these in turn, are subdivided into 60 seconds.
8. The __________________ ______________________ is the longitudinal line that runs through
the city of Greenwich, England. (2 words)
9. Any imaginary line on earth that divides the globe into halves is called a
____________________ _____________________. (2 words)
10. The magnetic declination is the angle between the geographic pole of the earth and the
__________________________ _________________. (2 words)