Advanced Placement Biology - Montville Township School District

Forensic Science
Ms. Bombard
Aims & Scope of Course:
Forensic science is the application of science to the law. Students will be able to understand the relationship
between science and the criminal justice system. In this introductory course, students will recall fundamental
biological, chemical and physical principles and identify ways in which forensic scientists use them to
potentially solve crimes.
Required Materials:
Text: Forensic Science for High School, Deslich & Funkhouser, 2006, Kendell/Hunt
Notebook of your choice but should have something to hold handouts
Pen, pencil and pack of colored pencils (optional)
Course Format:
The course is composed of the following elements: (1) lecture, (2) assigned readings, (3) laboratory work.
Lectures will present much of the foundation material in Forensic Science. Students should engage in
discussions, small group activity to facilitate understanding of material.
Laboratory Experience:
Students must come to lab prepared to execute the labs to ensure safety and promote higher order
thinking as used in a forensic lab.
Tests and Quizzes:
These evaluations will be varied throughout the year in the form of multiple choice, short essay, oral
questions, and/or projects.
Assignments will vary in nature. Their goal is to get the student ready for the day’s lesson.
Quarter grades are based upon test, quiz, labs, homework, etc. The grade will be following a total point system
and closely follow the district’s grading policy.
General Course Policies:
1. You are responsible for all work missed when absent. The number of days absent should be ample
time to makeup work. All work that is not made up will result in a grade of zero.
2. You are prepared for class. Locker passes will be issued on a limited basis.
3. Are to be seated and ready when the bell rings. A detention is administered for (3) tardies.
4. Submit work on the assigned due date and when collected.
5. Work must fulfill the requirements of the assignment both in content and presentation.
6. Will use proper English grammar and classroom etiquette when speaking or writing in class.
7. Cheating will not be tolerated. Appropriate action will be taken.
8. Not disruption to the educational process is acceptable. Appropriate disciplinary action will occur.
9. Follow proper lab and safety rules. Termination of a lab or activity will adversely affect grade.
10. Help is available upon request. Please see me before or after class to setup an appointment.