Sun Lunch 3.2.16 - Market Drayton Infant School and Nursery

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January 2016
Dear Parent/Carer of pupils in SUN CLASS – PARENT LUNCH
We are running another series of workshops which encourage parents to come into school and work with their child
on a one-to-one basis. The workshops will be a fun and enjoyable way of allowing parents to find out exactly how
their child is learning in class and to take part in a simple activity. We will be making resources in the workshop for
you to take home and keep for use in supporting your child with their homework.
The workshop will be very informal and parents will not need any particular skill, as the activities will be set out and
explained by staff. Every child will need an adult to support them in their work and this could be a parent/
grandparent/uncle/aunt/older brother or sister (over the age of 16)/or family friend who knows the child well.
We can only accommodate for one adult per child.
The workshop for SUN CLASS will take place on Wednesday 3rd February. It will be from 10:00am until lunchtime.
It is essential that an adult is available for every child on this day.
We are looking forward to seeing you at this event with your child and would be grateful if you could indicate your
intention by completing the reply slip below and returning it to the class teacher by Thursday 28th January. Please
note, if your child requires a school dinner, this is to be booked in the usual manner. As all Infant aged children are
now entitled to a free school meal, why not take the opportunity to try one yourself too.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs S. Scott
SUN CLASS – PARENT LUNCH on Wednesday 3rd February 2016
Name of Child _____________________________________
Name of Adult _________________________________ & relationship to child ________________will be
attending the workshop.
I will be bringing a packed lunch from home.
I would like to book a school dinner, have selected an option below and enclosed £3.00
 I would like to book a school dinner, have selected an option below and made a payment via ‘Payment4Schools’
Chicken Curry and Naan
Selection of Fish
Vegetarian Curry and Naan
Jacket Potato with Tuna
Adult £3.00
PLEASE RETURN to class teacher by Thursday 28th January.
Headteacher: Mrs. S. Scott
Chair of Governors: Mr. J. Hargreaves
Ofsted Registration: EY303776