Unit 3

Unit 3 Week 1
Main Selection: How Do You Raise a Raisin?
Genre: Expository Text
Comprehension Skills: Draw Conclusion
Vocabulary Skill: Homophones
Vocabulary Words
Area-a space used for a special purpose
Artificial-made by humans, not by nature
grapevine-a woody vine on which grapes grow
Preservative-a substance used to keep foods from spoiling
Proof-anything that can be used to show that something is true or real
Raise-to lift
Raisin-a dried grape
Unit 3 Week 2
Main Selection: Pushing Up the Sky
Genre: Drama
Comprehension Skills: Literary Elements: Character, setting, and plot
Vocabulary Skill: Unknown words
Vocabulary Words
Antlers-boney, branching growths on the head of a male deer, elk, or moose
Imagined-made a picture or idea of something in your mind
Languages-human speech, spoken or written, of different groups or countries
Narrator-the person who tells a story
Overhead-over the head, on high, above
Poked-pushed with force against someone or something
Unit 3 Week 3
Main Selection: Seeing Stars
Genre: Expository Text
Comprehension Skills: Graphic Sources
Vocabulary Skill: Unknown Words
Vocabulary Words
Dim- somewhat dark, without much light
Gas- substance that is neither a liquid nor solid and that has the ability to expand indefinitely
Gigantic-very large, tall, or bulky
Ladle- a large spoon with a long handle
Patterns-arrangements or designs
Shine-to give off light
Temperature-the degree of heat or coldness
Unit 3 Week 4
Main Selection: A Symphony of Whales
Genre: Fiction
Comprehension Skills: Generalize
Vocabulary Skill: Unfamiliar Words
Vocabulary Words
Anxiously- uneasily, nervously
Bay-a part of a sea or lake partly surrounded by land
Blizzards-snowstorms with very strong cold winds
Channel-a waterway that joins two larger bodies of water
Chipped-cut or broke off small, thin pieces of something
Melody- an easily remembered series of musical notes
Supplies-food and other necessary items
Surrounded-shut in on all sides, encircled, enclosed
Symphony-a long musical piece for an orchestra
Unit 3 Week 5
Main Selection: Around One Cactus
Genre: Narrative Non-Fiction
Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect
Vocabulary Skill: Prefixes and Suffixes
Vocabulary Words
Incredible- hard to believe
Lofty-tall or high off the ground
Noble-belonging to a high social class
Search- to look for something
Stinging-having a sharp pain
Survivors-people who remain alive after an event where others have died
Topic- a subject
Unseen-not seen
Waterless-without water