Residential Project of the Year

Residential Project of the Year
This award covers a single residential project in the domestic sector where the applicant’s contract
value is less than $1 million.
Judges in this category are looking at the technical aspects of the project along with the businesses
commitment to safety, employee development and industry involvement.
IMPORTANT: Please ensure you provide a typed answer for every question on the below application
form. Incomplete or hand written applications will not be accepted or considered.
Application Form
Nominee Name:
Nominee Email:
Nominee Phone:
Business Profile
Please provide a general description of the business covering the following areas.
Date of Establishment:
Ownership structure including names:
Growth history:
Scope of work performed:
Structure of employees:
E.g. number of apprentices, workers, supervisors, administration staff etc. as applicable
Industry involvement:
Project Overview
Please provide an overview of the project to be considered for the award covering the following areas.
Project title and brief description:
100 word description of the project for use in promotions, media, PR, multimedia etc.
Project Location:
Project brief received from client including any specific requirements:
Overall value of project plus specific electrical component cost:
Scope of work performed:
e.g. upgrade or construction of building
Details of the team involved in the project:
Details of the technical elements of the project:
Date of commencement and completion:
Details of collaboration with other stakeholders:
Choice of products / equipment used and why:
Selection of suppliers and why:
Details of energy efficiency solutions including desired outcomes:
Details of unique challenges and solutions:
Details of any outstanding achievements within the project:
Details of any new technologies or techniques utilised:
Details of project management system and related software or documentation including
progress reports:
Outcomes of the project including: financial impact, business profile, staff development,
community impact:
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management
Provide details of the HSEQ management system used by the business and the relevance to
this project (max 500 words). Include details of processes and procedures where relevant, any
issues and resolutions etc.
Business Management
Provide details of the business management systems including.
Decision making processes:
Staff training and development:
Support systems or software:
Award Recognition
Provide brief comments for the following.
What benefit do you believe your business will derive if your project is recognised as a
category winner at this year's Awards?
Why was this specific project selected?
In addition to this form, all applicants are required to submit a number of pieces of evidence to support
the application.
It is recommended that applicants supply:
A minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 photographs (no duplicates) in a single Word or PDF
document with a description as part of the uploading of the application
A high resolution copy of the images on USB (preferably in a JPEG format)
A list of related image numbers or titles
Any letters of reference from clients in relation to the project
Documents used to manage the project (e.g. project management plan, copies of SWMS)
Drawings, specifications, etc.
Please email these documents to the Master Electricians Australia events team along with your
application form.
NOTE: The images supplied will be used in promotional material such as videos of the project at
events or in other locations, on the MEA website and potentially in the media. Please ensure you
have full permission to submit the images provided and that they are of a high quality so the project
can be represented in the best possible manner.
You will be contacted by the Master Electricians Australia events team in the coming weeks with
details of the progression of your nomination.