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The Arc Alliance Children’s Services
Children at Work
The Arc Alliance Children’s Services has a practice of supporting staff when they need short term
assistance with child care, allowing them to bring their children to work. While we want to continue this
practice to allow staff to complete their work when there are extenuating circumstances, this is not to become
a regular occurrence. We need to be aware of our image when people from other organizations come for
business. We have to be aware of the possible effect of children in the building on other people's work.
If you find yourself in the position of needing to bring your child(ren) to work the following
guidelines have to be followed:
Your supervisor must be notified when you are requesting to bring your child(ren) to work with you. If there
is a reason children should not be brought to work, your supervisor will attempt to make other arrangements
for you to complete your work.
You and your supervisor will consider the extent to which the presence of your child is appropriate to the
specific activity being accomplished in the workplace. This will include a conversation about whether the
child's presence may pose a risk for breach of confidentiality.
When you bring your child(ren) to work you must agree to provide supervision for them at all times.
Children are not to be left unattended or in the care of other staff at any time.
When you bring your child(ren) to work you agree to accept full responsibility for their safety and for any
damage to property or injury to others that is caused by the child's activity. (Children should not be permitted
to run or throw objects through the hallway or into other staff offices or work areas).
Equipment brought in for the use by your children should not block access to work materials for other staff
(i.e. filing cabinets, shelves, etc.)
When your work takes place in a family home, childcare setting or other office (i.e. County office or another
provider), every effort needs to be made to make other arrangements for your child, or you should plan on
being off that day. In the case of home visits, children should not be taken with you unless arrangements
have been made to hold the visit at a community setting (playground, restaurant with a play area, YMCA,
etc.) as a strategy on the child's IFSP. For reasons of liability and professional image children should not be
taken into family homes. Exceptions to this would be school related visitation (i.e. "take your child to work
day") but the visit should only happen with written permission from the parent of the child being visited.
Children that are ill should not be brought in to work for both their comfort and the health of your coworkers.
Our sick policy provides for these circumstances and should be followed.
If you have questions or concerns about these policies, you should discuss the concerns with your supervisor.
With your cooperation we will be able to maintain our flexible approach to caring for our families while
completing the work of the program.
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