Spelling-Week of Nov. 28th 1. bloom 2. cookbook 3. tool 4. shampoo

Spelling-Week of Nov. 28th
1. bloom
2. cookbook
3. tool
4. shampoo
5. put
6. wool
7. stool
8. proof
9. prove
10. group
11. brook
12. foolish
13. bush
14. crooked
15. booth
16. raccoon
17. hook
18. groom
19. roof
20. soup
Vocabulary Strategies-Word Parts
phon-sound (Ex. symphony)
photo-light (Ex. photocopy)
graph-write/recording (Ex. autograph)
auto-self (Ex. automobile)
tele-far (Ex. telephone)
Vocabulary-Week of Nov. 28th
1. focus-concentrate on one thing
2. target-a goal
3. entertaining-enjoyable
4. angles-a direction from which
something is viewed
5. jolts-sudden, strong movements
6. thrilling-exciting
7 .advertise-give info to sell something
8. promote-help to grow, improve
9. generated-brought about, produced
10. critics-judges of art, movies
Concepts taught this week:
Fact- a statement that can be proved to be
Opinion-a statement that tells someone’s
thoughts, feelings or belief
Verify- to prove or check whether
something is true
GrammarPresent tense-shows action that is
Past tense-action that has already
Future tense-shows action that has not
happened yet
Vocabulary Questions:
1. How might jolts in movies affect
2. Would you expect a thrilling movie
to be sad? Why or why not?
3. How do movie critics influence
4. In what ways might movie
producers promote their films?
5. Do you think it is better for a
company to advertise its product
on television or on the radio?
6. If you set a target to finish all your
homework by a certain time, what
steps should you take to reach it?
7. Tell about something you like to
focus on outside of school.
8. If you want to solve a problem,
why might it be helpful to look at
it from different angles?
9. What is the most entertaining
book you have read? Why?
10. Describe a school project you
generated that made you proud of