Dictionary Skills Practice Homework

ESL 432 Dictionary Skills Practice
Use pages 52- 53 from the Longman Basic Dictionary of American
1. What is the head word on page 52? On page 53?
2. What do we use head words?
3. On which page, is “climate” found?
4. On which page is “clown” found?
5. What word is after “clue?”
6. Which syllable is stressed in “client?”
7. Who works in a clinic?
8. What is the plural of “cloud?”
9. What is the plural of “clothing?”
10. What parts of speech does the dictionary show for "clear?”
10. How many meanings are listed for the adjective form of “clear?”
11. What is the adverb form of “clear?”
12. What is the most common meaning of “climb?”
13. Do we keep cloth or clothes in a closet?
14. In your words, write a sentence for the most common meaning of "club.”
15. On page 52, what words have more than 1 part of speech?