Classroom Library Books

Best Practices for Classroom Library Books:
1. Go through selection of books received. Check off books listed on Teacher record. Notify library
of any discrepancies.
2. Return books that will not fit your needs.
3. Put aside books that have an “R” then call number, ex. R 398 KIY. These are reference books,
and as such should remain on campus.
4. Choose a visible place to display books. (Perhaps select student monitor.)
5. Use book cards (on book jacket or first page of book) to keep track of students’ borrowing of
6. Have students sign their name and date they previewed/borrowed book. The book card remains
with the teacher.
7. When book returned, cross out student name and write RTN (date) w/ Tchr initials (or
designated student monitor).
8. Please remind students these are borrowed materials, and as such remind students to not
personalize the materials and to use with care. Please explain this explicitly.
9. Standard borrowing time is 2 weeks, however extensions can be made for teachers when
Thanks and enjoy!
Ms. Zarou,
FYI- the books with the call number 921 are biographies, yet I included other
books on Ancient Rome (ex.937) that may mention biographical information
within the contents. You may want to remind students to use the index to
determine if the book will have relevant information.
Hope this helps!
S. Mills