EAD – Substance Abuse Information Leaflet

Short term effects include:
Distorted vision, hearing and coordination
Altered emotions
Although a moderate consumption of alcohol has
some beneficial effects, the harmful effects of
drinking excessive alcohol far outweigh the
beneficial ones.
More Info and where to get Help
Bad breath
Impaired judgement, which can lead to
accidents and other risky behaviour e.g.
unsafe sex and drug abuse
Long term effects include:
 Primary Prevention & Teen Support
Services and Community Teams (Drugs,
Alcohol & Gambling): 23885110
 Detox Out-Patients: 23885300
Cardiovascular problems and obesity
Detox In-Patients Dar LImpenn: 21220408
Liver disease
Kommunita' Santa Marija: 21244528
Brain damage
Cancer of the mouth and oesophagus
Community Support Organisations:
Sedqa helpline: 179
Red Cross: 21222645
Anxiety, Depression and other psychiatric
problems (including suicidal ideas)
Marriage breakdown, loss of work, social
isolation and poverty
Drinking 1-2 units of alcohol a day may
reduce the risk of heart disease and
 Drug Squad: 21243333
Caritas: 21233933
Oasi: 21563333
EAD and MMSA website
Drug Addiction
Drugs cause the release of DOPAMINE in the
brain which gives the pleasurable feelings
associated with drugs, but it also causes
addiction through a process of tolerance:
Types of Drugs
There are 3 main types of drugs.
Withdrawal symptoms – the symptoms one
feels when an addict does not take his drug
for a long time. These can include anxiety,
pain, depression, restlessness... Generally a
person will start to feel worse and worse, hit
a plateau, and then the symptoms begin to
Babies can be born addicted, if the mother
uses drugs during pregnancy. This is because
Molecules are small enough to cross the
placenta. Such babies suffer from withdrawal
symptoms, just as any other drug abuser
does. Babies are often born with
abnormalities and not just withdrawal
symptoms. For instance Tetracycline (type of
antibiotic) may cause cataracts and bone
abnormalities, Cannabis and LSD may cause
Growth problems etc...
Depressants slow down your body breathing, heart rate and thoughts.
Heroin is a depressant. It is a white
narcotic powder derived from the opium
poppy. It is usually injected or smoked.
It is extremely addictive and can leave
scars called tracts. Irresponsible sharing
of needles can spread HIV, Hepatitis B/C.
Hallucinogens affect your mind and
senses, so you may see and hear
different things.
LSD is a hallucinogen. It is odourless
colourless and tasteless and is put onto a
piece of paper to be licked or swallowed.
Marijuana is a stimulant, depressant and
hallucinogen at the same time. It is the
most widely used illegal drug. It causes
sensations of heat or cold, mouth
dryness, increased heart rate, reddening
of the eye...
Stimulants speed up your body - heart
rate, breathing and thoughts. They can
kill the user instantly, as well as cause
suffocation, choking on one’s own vomit,
or a heart attack.
Stimulant drugs include Ecstasy, Cocaine
and crack and Methamphetamine.
Ecstasy is also referred to as ‘designer drug’
because it is created for the purpose of
making its users feel high. It is often
swallowed in the form of pills