Study Guide--Biomes and Biodiversity--Unit

Study Guide--Biomes and Biodiversity
1. How are positive and negative feedback loops different?
2. Describe the geo-, litho-, bio-, atmo-, and hydrospheres.
3. Why the atmosphere is important to us? Why the hydrosphere is important to us?
4. What are biomes? What are they named after? Why are they named after them?
5. What is the climate? How is it different from weather? List seven influences on the climate.
6. List general characteristics of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine biomes (individually).
7. Identify characteristics that are needed for biomes to be highly productive.
8. List three reasons why policies are needed to protect biomes.
9. What is economics? What two problems is it expected to deal with?
10. Describe the three phases of environmental policies.
11. List four problems with environmental laws.
12. What is biodiversity? What two characteristics are used to classify species?
13. List three reasons it is difficult to measure biodiversity.
14. List three locational patterns of biodiversity.
15. List four reasons biodiversity is important.
16. List five reasons why we have a loss of biodiversity. Which is most important?
17. What are mass extinctions? How are local extinctions different from global extinctions?
18. What is the Endangered Species Act? Identify the three parts of the Endangered Species Act.
19. What is the difference between endangered and threatened?
20. List six ways we are trying to protect biodiversity.