File - Kylie facemyer

Kylie Facemyer
UOTA conference
OTA 2310
The UOTA conference was a great learning experience. I had the opportunity to listen to
some great speakers and talk with some vendors. I also had the opportunity to talk with the
graduating class of 2013 and ask them questions. But most of all I got to present my invention
and network with professionals in the OTA field.
The Key note speakers name was Cathy Szumigala. She taught about how to better our
OTA treatment by learning about technology. She showed us great apps we can use in our
treatment session. Some apps that I liked and wrote down are jigsaw puzzle, guess the phrase,
left vs. right, and tan zan lite. She also told us about places we can find great apps or just great
ideas for treatment. Pinterest is a great website where you can follow OT boards and they give
you great ideas for treatment. She also told us about a place called this is a
site that I would like to take a look at. She also told us how to network through Facebook.
We then took a break and I stood by my poster. A lot of people came around and
seemed interested in our inventions. This is where I talked with the newly graduated class. I
asked them questions about the Test and how they studied for it. I asked about the sites they
did their fieldwork II at.
My favorite workshop was teaching about different bargaining styles. We were given a
paper with a series of 2 scenarios. You chose the letter that would best suit how you would act.
You then tallied up how many letters you had and looked on the back to find your score. There
was 5 different bargaining styles: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and
accommodating. She also told us how different people have different methods of working
together. She described them as different colors. She then told us on how to act when working
with people who had that color personality. It was very enlightening.
Over all the UOTA conference was a great learning experience. I learned in the
workshops and also how to present my invention to professionals. I will definitely go back next
year to network with the other OTA professionals and gain knowledge of what the speakers
have to teach me. I also am eager to see what the students next year will have invented.