Verbals are words or phrases that function as a __________________________ or ___________________________.
Three types of verbals are….
 Gerunds: a verbal that ends in __________________________ and functions as a ________________________.
Underline the gerund/gerund phrase in the below sentences.
1. Transferring might be hard for Junior.
2. Transferring to Reardan might be hard for Junior.
 Participles: a verbal that is used as an _______________________ and most often ends in _____________
or _____________. Participles modify _______________________________ and __________________________________.
Underline the participle/participial phrase in the below sentences.
1. The decaying textbooks were hard to read.
2. The textbooks decaying from years of use were hard to read.
 Infinitives: An infinitive is a verbal consisting of the word _____________ and the __________________
of a verb. It can function as a _____________________, ________________________, or ______________________.
Underline the infinitive/ infinitive phrase in the below sentences.
1. Junior was ready to leave.
2. Junior was ready to leave the Spokane Indian Reservation.
 Gerund or Participle?
Underline the gerund or participle in each of the below sentence, then identify the type of phrase.
1. Singing the words out loud help him with his stammer. ___________________________________
2. The singing bird sat outside my window. ______________________________________
 Prepositional Phrases: A prepositional phrase is introduced by a ____________________________
and functions as an _____________________________ or ______________________________.
Underline the prepositional phrase in the below sentence.
Sophomores study world cultures in English class.
 Appositive Phrases: An appositive phrase renames or identifies another ___________________ or
Underline the appositive phrase in the below sentence.
The study of grammar, a lost art, remains a critical skill.
 Parenthetical Expressions: Parenthetical expressions are phrases or clauses that are
inserted inside another phrase or clause.
Underline the parenthetical in the below sentence.
1. Mrs. Smith, I suppose, has been teaching fifteen years or so, but she still enjoyed her job.
2. My brother had already been told, in fact, never to go into my bedroom.
Please compose a sentence for each of the below phrase types.
Gerund: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Infinitive: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Participial: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Prepositional: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Appositive: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parenthetical: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
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