Chapter 2 2.26 Comparing tropical flowers

Chapter 2
2.26 Comparing tropical flowers. An alternative presentation of the flower
length data in Table 2.1 reports the five–number summary and uses
boxplots to display the distributions. Do this.
2.30 More on study times. In Exercise 1.32 (page 37) you examined the
nightly study time claimed by first-year college men and women. The most
common methods for formal comparison of two groups use and s to
summarize the data.
(a) What kinds of distributions are best summarized by and s? Do you
think these summary measures are appropriate in this case?
(b) One student in each group claimed to study at least 300 minutes (five
hours) per night. How much does removing these observations change
and s for each group? You will need to compute and s for each
group, both with and without the high outlier.