Glee Choir Through The Decades

The Glee Choir have been working very hard all year to prepare us for their
summer performance ‘Through the decades’. The show was a huge success and all
children, staff and visitors thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic concert! Here are
some of the lovely comments they received from parents, grandparents and
‘Thank you for inviting us to the Glee choir performance on Thursday 5th July. We
really enjoyed it and well done to the young people who sang so well. It was a pleasure
to see children enjoying singing and performing. Also thank you for all of the hard work
the teachers and helpers provided to encourage them to do so well.’
‘To the music teachers, the Glee choir and all involved. As a grandmother what a
pleasure it was for me to watch the choir perform ‘Through the decades’. I was so
impressed with their singing and dancing. Their lovely voices and choice of songs stayed
with me for days. Well done.’
A huge thank you to all of those involved in making this spectacular event possible!