I am so excited to have your child in choir... will find classroom policies, important choir dates, the grading policy,...

I am so excited to have your child in choir this second semester. In this syllabus you
will find classroom policies, important choir dates, the grading policy, the best
communication methods for the year, the concert uniform information and the
parent information and acknowledgement page.
During their time in choir, students will learn how to read and write music. Sightreading (learning to sing music on sight) is also an aspect of the class. Students will
study and perform music from the various stylistic periods of music history
(including sacred/secular music from the medieval era to the present), music
composed by recognized master composers, and music from other world cultures.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions our concerns. Almost all
information can be found on the website as well. On the website you will find
additional details including an updated calendar, practice tracks, extra singing
opportunities, and additional learning games links.
As choir begins:
1) Be on time and bring a pencil
2) Be in your assigned seat on time
3) Have your music folder
During class:
1) Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn
2) Give your best effort
3) Listen
4) Follow directions the first time
5) Mark your music when instructed (PENCIL ONLY)
6) Maintain good body position while singing
7) No candy or gum during class or in the classroom
9) Refrain from teasing or mocking other students
At the end of class:
1) Pick up around your area
2) Put your folder in its designated place
3) Help someone else if it is needed
Wednesday, May 11th- Spring Choir Concert
Students will not be asked to compete against one another for a grade. Evaluations
will be based on effort/improvement, music literacy test and quizzes, writing
assignments, singing tests, and any special projects assigned. If a student is aware of
a planned absence, work should be turned in prior to the absence. If there are other
factors that involve a student turning in late work, please contact me. Parents are
encouraged to consult the teacher at any time in regard to their child’s progress.
The areas of instruction for this class include: Music Literacy (theory and aural
skills), vocal technique, music history and culture, ensemble skills, and a cultivation
of an aesthetic appreciation of the art form.
Grades will be distributed in the following manner.
Daily Participation-40%
Written Work/Assignments-30%
All students will be required to have solid black dress shoes, black socks, black dress
pants, a black belt, the Wydown Choir polo that will be worn at all performances.
This is the exact same shirt as last year, so if you already have one, please check to
make sure you still have it.
Student Name______________________________________________Hour___________Grade___________
Parent/Guardian Name/s ___________________________________________________________________
Best Daytime Phone Number _______________________________________________________________
Best Evening Phone Number _______________________________________________________________
Best Email/s (will be used for every reminder that is sent home)
I (we) can assist in the following ways
__________ Chaperoning Choir Events
__________ Medical assistance on trips (LPN, RN, or MD)
__________Organizing and supervising fund raising events
__________Any instrumental skill, and if so, what instrument _____________________________
__________ Connection to a Community Performance Opportunity
__________ Connection to a Community Service Opportunity
By signing below you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will comply
with the choir syllabus and expectations.
Please return no later than Friday, January 8th.
Student Name (Print Neatly) _______________________________________________________________
Student Signature ___________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________________________________