Reading 1 TB 2:9-14 - Immaculata Catholic School

Reading 1
TB 2:9 -14
A reading from the book of Tobit:
That same night I washed and went into my courtyard, where I lay down to sleep
beside the wall. Because of the heat I left my face uncovered. I did not know that
sparrows were perched on the wall above me; their warm droppings settled in my
eyes, causing white scales on them. I went to doctors for a cure, but the more they
applied ointments, the more my vision was obscured by the white scales, until I
was totally blind. For four years I was unable to see, and all my kindred were
distressed at my condition. Ahiqar, however, took care of me for two years, until
he left for Elam.
At that time my wife Anna worked for hire at weaving cloth, doing the kind of
work women do. When she delivered the material to her employers, they would
pay her a wage. On the seventh day of the month of Dystrus, she finished the
woven cloth and delivered it to her employers. They paid her the full salary and
also gave her a young goat for a meal. On entering my house, the goat began to
bleat. So I called to my wife and said: “Where did this goat come from? It was not
stolen, was it? Give it back to its owners; we have no right to eat anything stolen!”
But she said to me, “It was given to me as a bonus over and above my wages.” Yet
I would not believe her and told her to give it back to its owners. I flushed with
anger at her over this. So she retorted: “Where are your charitable deeds now?
Where are your righteous acts? Look! All that has happened to you is well
The Word of the Lord… Thanks be to God.
The Prayer of the Faithful
For the Church: that we may recognize that God comes before all other things. We
pray to the Lord… Lord hear our Prayer.
For all missionaries: that they may know God's presence and strength as they share
the Good News, and that they may experience grace through the community of
people that they serve. We pray to the Lord… Lord hear our Prayer.
For all are struggling with drought, flooding or storms: that God will give them
strength, ease their pain, and help them find the assistance which they need. We pray
to the Lord… Lord hear our Prayer.
For all who are persecuted for their beliefs: that God will give them strength and let
them serve as witnesses to God’s spirit of compassion. We pray to the Lord… Lord
hear our Prayer.
For all gathered here today: that we may recognize all the great things which God has
done for us and respond as followers of Christ, sharing the love and gifts of God with
the world. We pray to the Lord… Lord hear our Prayer.