Density Worksheet ipad

Density Worksheet
Density is a measurement of mass per unit volume (in layman’s terms, how much stuff an object has in a
given volume). In other words, a golf ball has greater density than a ping-pong ball even though they are
roughly the same shape and size (volume), because there is more stuff inside. This is evident by the
considerably greater mass of the golf ball.
The standard unit for density is grams per milliliter or grams per cubic centimeter: g/mL or g/cm3
Part one: Calculate the densities of the following substances, and write it in the third column.
12.42 g
12.19 g
11.766 g
7.76 g
0.783 g
3.02 g
13.95 g
40.137 g
79.21 g
52.45 g
36.49 g
4.93 g
135.24 g
67.75 g
43.36 g
37.4 g
6.435 g
7.74 g
2.699 g
34.38 g
6 mL
23 mL
5.3 mL
8 mL
0.45 mL
2 mL
9 mL
5.1 mL
8.9 mL
5 mL
5 cm3
1 cm3
7 cm3
5 cm3
4 cm3
2 cm3
0.3 cm3
9 cm3
1 cm3
6 cm3
Part two: You have just figured out the densities of the substances. Now compare these densities with
those of known substances, and fill in the fourth column with the calculated substance’s identity.
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