Density Lecture

What weighs moreā€¦
A pound of lead or a pound of feathers?
There is a relationship between an objects mass
and its volume.
Density: the ratio of mass of an object to its
Density =
A 10 cm3 piece of lead has a mass of 114 g.
What is its density?
Density =
Density depends on the composition of the
substance, not on its size
Calculating Density.
A copper penny has a mass of 3.1 g and a volume
of .35 cm3. What is the density of copper?
A bar of silver has a mass of 68.0 g and a volume
of 6.48 cm3. What is the density of Au.
Using Density to Calculate Volume
What is the volume of a pure silver coin that has
a mass of 14 g? (density Au = 10.5 g/cm3)