HHSC Board Study Sesssion

Highland Hurricanes Swim Club
P.O. Box 9357, Highland, IN 46322 – highlandhurricanes.net
HHSC Board Study Session – Agenda
October 28th, 2013
Upcoming HHSC Events:
HHSC Pilgrim Plunge
Agenda Items
1. Gold Canyon packets (we can be working on attaching the letters to the packets as we discuss the following)
2. 2013-14 Budget discussion - need to give Laura feedback on the budget she has put together so that we can get
it finalized. We'll need to get it posted prior to the next Open Board Meeting in November so that we can get it
approved at that meeting.
3. Amended Bylaws - we need to give Kevin feedback on the amended bylaws. We have to get these posted by
November 4th so that we can get them approved at the November open meeting.
The Highland Hurricanes Swim Club is a 501(c).3 non-profit organization
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