Fall Title I Parent Involvement Meeting

Janet Hindman, Ed.D.
Highland Park ISD
September 1, 2011
5:30-6:00 p.m.
Parents are the true heroes!
Please be sure to sign in for your child’s
school on the sign-in sheets that have been
We’re glad that you are here!
Parents as Partners with Highland Park ISD
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB): Title I, Part A
The Critical Importance of Parent Involvement
Opportunities for Parents
NCLB has raised the level of parent
involvement to a whole new level.
Parents have a new role as learners, as
teachers, as supporters, and even as
Parents now have to understand data when
looking at how schools are doing as well as
how their own students are doing.
NCLB provides a way to show how we’re
Title I, Part A provides financial assistance to
school districts and schools with high
numbers or high percentages of poor
children to help ensure that all children meet
challenging state academic standards.
Schools in which poor children make up at
least 40 percent of enrollment are eligible to
use Title I funds for schoolwide programs
that serve all children in the school.
More than 50,000 public schools across the
country use Title I funds to provide additional
academic support and learning opportunities
to help low-achieving children master
challenging curricula and meet state
standards in core academic subjects.
For example: Funds support extra instruction
in reading and mathematics, as well as
special preschool, after-school, and summer
programs to extend and reinforce the regular
school curriculum.
Title I is designed to help students achieve
proficiency on challenging Texas academic
achievement standards through a schoolwide
program to upgrade the instructional
program for the whole school.
Parents have a right to know about all of the
pieces that are going on in the school
through annual report cards, how students
and their school are doing, and how we
compare with other schools.
Highland Park ISD needs you!!!
NCLB offers parents a real opportunity to be
involved in the decision-making that goes on
in our school.
Through training and other types of support,
parents can learn how to become even more
effective partners in making decisions that
affect not only their child, but all of our
With your help as our partners, all children
can be successful in school!
Across the nation, when teachers are asked,
what are the most critical barriers to the
achievement of all children, in many cases,
it’s the parent involvement role that comes to
the forefront.
Research tells us that the most important
factor in student success and the success of
their schools lies in parental involvement.
We need you to help us in improving our
school at Highland Park ISD!
Ways you can help:
Join our campus and district educational
improvement councils;
Communicate with your child’s teachers and
your child about their expectations for them
and their academic success in the classroom;
Follow our Parent Portal on our website for
updated information;
Ask questions! Become more involved in
supporting our school in as many ways as
School/Parent Compacts
Shared Responsibility and Shared Success
Simply, it is impossible to reach the highest
levels of achievement that we would like to
meet for all of our children and for our school
without your help!
We invite you to become engaged and
involved partners with us this year!
Thank you!
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