Wild Cat Newsletter October 2013 West Bainbridge

Wild Cat Newsletter
October 2013
West Bainbridge Elementary
October Students of the Month
The new TabPilot Android Tablets have finally
arrived at West Bainbridge Elementary. Decatur
County Board Member, Mr. Kelvin Bouie, and his
wife, Mrs. Gail Bouie, dropped by the school to see
and interact with a few kindergarten students using
the new tablets. While Mrs. Bouie helped a student,
Mr. Bouie decided he needed one of his own to
explore! The students were very excited about the
things that they could do on the tablets. As they were
leaving, every one of them said thank you and
wanted to know when they could use the tablets
Pictured Left to Right
Front: Kelan Newsome, CJ Jennings, Gunner Powell,
Yuliana Avila-Hernandez, Susana Lopez, Tiffney
Thomas, and Alex Ruiz Garcia.
Thank you Decatur County Board Members and Dr.
Fred Rayfield for making this possible for all of the
schools in our county!
Middle: Anthony Pearson, Carlee Parrish, Tai’yanna
Richardson, Kayle Buchanan, Ninti Jeffery,
Charmaine Chrispen, Teairra Cumbee, Gunner Mock,
and Austin Sheffield.
Back: Emily Jones, Dylan Conrad, Jaycee Maxwell,
Scout Summerlin, Areli DeLeon, Mya McGriff,
Jashon Mitchell, and Ti’Ajah Harrold.
Fall Break
Fall Break is from October 7- 9, 2013. Students will
return to school on October 10, 2013.
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week will be observed during the week
of Oct. 28-Nov.1- detailed information about
activities and events will be sent home the week
WBE is honoring our deployed service members
through the “Boxes of Love from the Home Front.”
The last day to submit any items will be October
The weather is changing, so parents please make sure
that you put your child’s name in their jackets, so that
we will be able to identify your child’s jacket if it is
Coffee Fundraiser
This year WBE will be selling coffee as our new
fundraiser. The fundraiser will begin on October 1st
and end on October 11th. All money and orders will
need to be turned in on October 11th.
Wild Cat Newsletter
October 2013
West Bainbridge Elementary
21st CCLC Tutorial Program
Community Helpers Day
There will be NO Morning/Afternoon Tutorial on
October 10-11.
Lights on Afterschool is a Nationwide Celebration
for afterschool programs across America. This is a
day to light up the importance of quality afterschool
programs in our community and in the different
communities around the country. WBE will celebrate
Lights on Afterschool on October 17th from 3:30-5:30
Ms. Hall and Ms. McDonald’s Kindergarten class
engaged in learning about different types of
Community Helpers. Thank you to the Decatur
County Fire and Rescue for participating in this
McKinney Vento Program
If your family lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime
residence and is forced to live in any of the following
New Reading Renaissance Program
Beginning 2nd Nine Week, AR will become a part of
your child’s Reading grade. Please encourage your
child to read at home daily and take AR seriously.
To find out if your child’s favorite book has a quiz
available for it, visit www.arbookfind.com . There is
also a link on our school webpage for this.
Sharing the housing of other persons due to loss
of housing, economic hardship, or a similar
reason (example: evicted from home, etc.)
In a motel.
In an emergency or transitional shelter.
Have a primary nighttime residence that is not
designed for or ordinarily used as a regular
sleeping accommodation for humans (car, park,
and campsite)
Then your children may have the right to:
Renaissance Place has a special feature called
Renaissance Home Connect that allows you to access
your child’s information outside of school from any
computer with an internet connection. Renaissance
Home Connect is fun and easy to use. It allows the
teacher, you and your child to share information
about his/her progress in Accelerated Reader. For
more information contact Mrs. Nikki Martin at 229248-2821.
Camp H.E.A.L
Camp H.E.A.L. (Healing and Encouragement After
Loss) is a day camp sponsored by Hospice of
Southwest Georgia and is free to children ages 6 – 13
who are dealing with the death of a loved one. The
Camp will take place on Sat., Nov. 9 at the Bainbridge
College Kirbo Center. Deadline for registration is Oct. 21.
Please contact Mrs. Ingram if you would like more
information or a registration form.
Enroll in school without proof of residency,
immunization, school records, or other
Choose between their school of origin or the
school zoned for where you are currently living,
when feasible.
Receive transportation to school.
Attend school and participate in school programs
with children who are not homeless. Children
cannot be separated from the regular school
program because they are homeless.
Receive all the school services available to other
For more information you may contact Debbie Jones at
229-248-2200, Ext. 144
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