Classroom Observation Protocol

Cal Teach Classroom Observation Protocol
University of California, Berkeley
Mentor Teacher:
Subject/Unit for Lesson:
Context (any relevant background information for classroom or lesson):
Current Focus (what does the teacher want from observation?):
Learning Objective for Lesson Plan:
What is the evidence that the Cal Teach student met (or did not meet) the goals outlined in the current focus?
Current Focus
What worked well
Current Focus
Suggestions/Areas for Improvement
Cal Teach Classroom Observation Protocol
University of California, Berkeley
Cal Teach Classroom Observation Protocol Current Focus: What would be most useful to you for the
observer to notice about your teaching and for you to receive feedback? Choose one or two goals for the
Current Focus of this observation.
Instructing Students and Supporting Learning—Your lesson will illustrate how you work with your students to
improve their inquiry skills and problem-solving strategies as well as knowledge of key scientific and mathematic
concepts and reasoning. It will also provide evidence of your ability to engage students in meaningful tasks and
monitor their understanding. You will aim to:
Provide students opportunities to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data and/or engage in
mathematical problem-solving strategies to further student understanding of concepts
e.g. To what extent are students engaged in a hands-on task or cooperative problem-solving?
Manage instructional time, and organize the physical environment to engage all students
e.g. How are students grouped? How do you make sure they receive materials and handouts efficiently? How do
you plan/adjust timing so that students don’t feel rushed or have extra time?
Use multiple sources of information to monitor and assess learning, and design assessments that monitor
e.g. What are you looking for students to be doing? How are you assessing their understanding throughout the
lesson? What questions are you asking of students to check for their understanding? How do you give students
the opportunity to communicate what they understand?
Establish and support positive classroom community as an environment for student learning, create active &
equitable participation, establish and maintain climate of fairness and respect
e.g. In what ways do students feel safe to express their ideas, even when they are not sure? How do you ensure
that all of your students are participating in your lesson? In what ways do you make students feel comfortable,
and show that you value what they say?
Mid Semester Student Evaluation for Mentor Teachers Only (4-6 weeks into the semester): Please
evaluate the work the Cal Teach student has done so far in your classroom, after he/she presents
his/her first lesson.
1. What are two strengths that the Cal Teach student brought to your classroom?
2. What is one thing that the Cal Teach student could do to improve their work in your classroom?
3. Do you have any additional comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions you would like to share with
your Cal Teach student?