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Job Title:
Business Science Fellow (BSF)
£28,695 - £37,394 per annum depending on skills and experience.
Salary progression beyond this scale is subject to performance
Job Family and Level:
Research & Teaching Level 4
Contract Status:
Fixed-term for one year.
Hours of Work:
Full-time. This post is open to job share; please specify the hours
that you would be prepared to work.
Reporting to:
Business Development Manager (Chemistry)
The Purpose of the Role:
Reporting to the School of Chemistry Business Development Manager, working alongside other
BSFs and with key academic staff within the School, this role contributes towards the delivery of
the objectives of the School of Chemistry Business Partnership Unit (BPU) and in particular
specific projects relating the commercialisation of novel chemical compounds. The role holder will
develop and manage protocols to identify compounds with commercial potential that have been
produced from the School’s research and progress the commercialisation of these including
making them available for sale through partnerships with distributors. The role holder will also
undertake a programme of synthetic chemistry to prepare novel compounds with potential
applications within the pharmaceutical industry. The work will involve liaising with companies and
academics, undertaking laboratory work on industry related projects, compound handling and
management, IP protection, market/business analysis and business planning/development.
Main Responsibilities:
Main Responsibilities
Plan and execute a research and development programme in the synthesis of
compounds with potential applications within the pharmaceutical industry. This will
involve the synthesis, and characterisation of a wide range of compounds prepared via
known and novel protocols. The role holder will: (i) liaise with academic and industrial
collaborators as appropriate; (ii) keep accurate record (lab books, spectra etc.) of the
research; (iii) take responsibility for the safe running of the research laboratory; (iv)
contribute to the publication of the research where appropriate by drafting scientific
Set up and maintain a catalogue of compounds that have been produced from the
School’s research and establish a set of criteria for selecting compounds for
commercialisation. Develop and implement a robust and legally compliant system for
labelling, storing and dispatching samples liaising with distribution partners and key
units within the University. Devise and implement appropriate quality control tests.
Liaise with academic, technical and other staff to identify intellectual property with
commercial potential and prepare disclosure documents. Prepare business cases/plans
% time
per year
to further develop these as projects. Progress projects, undertaking IP protection work
and seeking / liaising with external partners (companies / funders / investors) as
Respond to enquiries from companies matching their needs with capability of the
School / University and co-ordinate resulting projects ensuring that projects are
handled professionally and comply with all legal and University requirements.
Any other duties appropriate to the role and level
Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience
PhD, or equivalent, in organic chemistry.
Demonstrate excellence in synthetic organic
chemistry with appropriate experience
Outstanding experimental and laboratory
Excellent interpersonal, written, verbal and
presentation skills.
Proven ability to work as part of a team
A track record of published
research in quality journals.
Research experience across
a wide range of areas
focussed on synthetic
organic chemistry.
Project management skills
including generating concise
progress reports.
Proven self motivation and time
management skills
Efficient at administration / record keeping
Can demonstrate a methodical and highly
organised approach
Wide knowledge of current research in
synthetic organic chemistry, and modern
laboratory and analytical techniques
Experience of working on commercially
focussed projects
Some understanding / experience of the
process by which novel technologies are
protected, evaluated and developed into
realisable commercial opportunities.
To take reasonable care for the health and
safety of yourself and of other persons who
may be affected by your acts or omissions
at work in accordance with current health
and safety legislation, best practice, EC
directives and the University’s Safety,
Health and Environment Policies and
procedures and to cooperate with the
University on any legal duties placed on it
as the employer.
Knowledge of the processes
used within an organisation
that sells chemical
compounds including
compliance issues.
Decision Making
taken independently by the role holder;
Implementation of agreed project / action plans and executing synthetic organic chemistry by
appropriate experimental procedures.
taken in collaboration with others;
Agreeing business / action plans
Assessing risks and taking corrective action
Ensuring safe operation of the research laboratory
Overall planning of direction of synthetic projects and publication of results (with Prof. C. J.
referred to the appropriate line manager (Business Development Manager Chemistry) by the role holder.
Sign off of project plans
Decisions on major deviations from project plans or expenditure
Issues where policy/strategy is unclear
Disciplinary issues
Additional Information
This role is key to the operation of the BPU enabling it to fulfil the requirements of specific KE
projects for which it has received funding.
Due to the requirements of the UK Border and Immigration Agency, applicants who are not UK or
EEA nationals and whose immigration status entitles them to work without restriction in the UK
will be considered on an equal basis with UK and EEA nationals. Other non-UK or non-EEA
nationals whose employment will require permission to work subject to a resident labour market
test may only be considered if there are no suitable UK or EEA national candidates for the post.
Please visit for more information.
Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Trevor Farren, email [email protected]
Please note that applications sent directly to this email address will not be accepted.
Please quote ref. SCI/XXXX
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